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give me chocolate

free art is great. know what's better? free chocolate.

unfortuantly, whoever created earth forgot to make chocolate free. if i was at the board of directors of earth, i would've totally made that stuff free for everyone. but we're here.

and unfortuantly, making free art doesn't give out much money. in fact, it actually costs money. who'd've thought?

so after i spend hours and hours of work on my art, there isn't any free chocolate at the end.

that's your job. give me chocolate. that's the deal. i make art free for all; you make chocolate free for me. well for everyone else too, but me first please.

actually, buy yourself chocolate too. do that first. you deserve it, i'm sure of it. but then immediately after you got yourself a stable supply of chocolate, get me some too.

i think if everyone had free access to chocolate, i think the world would be a better place. one without war. and definetly no hunger ... since we'd have the chocolate.

thanks. i love you. and your chocolate. but mostly you <3

thank you to:

  • Filip Kin
  • Egrodo
  • Aya
  • Trubiso
  • M
  • scrib
  • hunter