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Elemental 4 is a recreation of the game Elemental 3 made with modern web technologies. In the game, you combine multiple "Elements" to create new elements, such as Earth + Air = Dust, and so on. If a combination does not exist, an automated crowdsourcing system is in place to create it.Like the original, I had to shut it down due to technical issues, but in it's run time, over 14,000 elements were created through a grand total of 300,000 votes, with over 5,700 element owners (unique users who sent the first vote for a new element). Since I shut it down due to issues with my backend, it has been forked for more continuations of the game. At some point, I would like to write a blog about all the things I learned making this, as well as the problems I encountered during development and during deployment.Since most of it's issues were backend design, the front-end lives on nearly unchanged on Nv7's Elemental 7 , though I wish it could have allowed for zero-latency responses like my version did; but it runs overall better than my backend.Another implementation of Elemental I heard was fun was the Discord-based Elemental on Discord (EoD) . I've have nothing to do with this project, and it is only being listed here for completion sake.Join the Elemental Community Discord to discuss about Elemental-style games, as the small community with them has done a lot for the genre. This was the server I initially made for the game, but I do not control it anymore.

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