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Why is it so hard to have time for everything, and then even if we had all the time we would still be too lazy to do it all.

it's easier said than done. i get this feeling a ton. you think of something and how cool it'l be when you get it, but when it comes time to actually do the thing, it's so intimidating that you cant.

my solution for this is just to force yourself to take the dive, and actually do it. that's how a lot of sports_esportsPhoenix, WRITE! artifact 's features were implemented. i was dreading the code for the duet but i actually got it down in a short amount of time after i forced myself to start working on it.

anyways, ashley is a good example of someone who can force themself to do the task. and v3rb is not so good at this.

Actually if we had all the time don't you think we would all just lay in bed everyday doing nothing?

oh fuck yeah. but that's not how our world works, does it?