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how is creative tool kit going?

horid. im using davinci resolve because it runs finally but halfway into making mayday i found that it doesnt really run. or to be specific it hates my current graphics card's 4gb of VRAM. i'm looking into the newer ones but they are a tad of money especially in the current market.

the toolkit is being remade (again) but as a completely different thing, this time looking at actually streamlining the video production process instead of overcomplicating it. the first thing i want in it is the ability to take an mp3 file, then annotate EVERY point in the file where something happens: lyrics, accent percussion, random sounds. then be able to drive all keyframes off of those instead of having to manually place them ever time, as that is the main killer for time i think right now

theres some other plans that build off the marker tool for animation and recording but ill consider the possibilities later so i dont overwhelm myself

but but but but. that isnt happening yet. my next video has a very time-relevant deadline that i cant just push a few days later, let alone months or years of development and theorizing. so THAT music video is being done right NOW with the same shitty tech we made mayday on. i improved my voice a bit and the general song production process, but it still is nowhere near perfect.

please ask this question again in a few months thanks