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Since the other guy made a follow up, I’m the guy who asked why you were bad at singing message2022-05-11 23:13. I did it because I thought I wasn’t connected to the internet lmao. I highly doubt that it bothered you but if it did then allow me to impart som wisdom upon you. Even if I didn’t bother you this is still good advice anyway. This may sound counter intuitive but you should never take your art too seriously. Im not saying don’t be passionate, what I’m saying is your art should be an extension of yourself, not an emotional tumor on your soul. Think about this, imagine you give a young child a teddy bear to keep him company. The teddy bear may provide him with comfort and a feeling of safety but in the long run it may prove to be a stressor if the child doesn’t learn that the teddy bear is just an object. If the child grows up just as attached to his bear as when he was a baby, then his soul will be crushed if anything happens to it. Or maybe I’m just crazy.

i like this response a lot

What’s your least favorite color?



Why are you so bad at singing?

i am aware of that and what i've seen so far is it just takes time. if you have practical tips maybe you can get in touch over at [email protected] and explain every way i'm bad at singing. the goal is improvement, and i had to start somewhere.