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Seriously, music_noteg is missing is AMAZING! :) Can you share more insight about the making of this song and video?

this song was thought up after my friend gee fell off the internet due to their life being busy. it was funny to me because they never said they would be going missing, they kinda just did. so then one day i had this Little idea (i would say what day it was but i haven't indexed the whole audio journal, or maybe i didn't write it down idk) ((this is the earliest file i have for g is missing 2022-08-17-19-43-32.m4a and i'll update this question with the true first sketch when i find it))

the song started very similar to how it is now and the sketch idea went until "or whatever it's called." i was just doing shower improv singing and it was fun because that last Line gets so overloaded and dragged out that the voice just giving up on singing and switching to the spoken "or whatever its caller as well giving up on identifying whatever the hell S even had. that was and is so funny to me, but i was laughing quite a bit in the shower at that time. fun stuff so then i thought more and decided "yeah we're gonna finish this on gee's birthday" and then i finished the song sometime at the end of my break between college semesters.

this was the first project i dived into getting VST plugins to work on linux. its a hard setup and it sucks. though i see a really interesting world of new sound i can get through the ones i found/bought. i have windows 10 setup on my other SSD which i am going to do the rest of my songs on since plugin support is way better there and i fixed the big filesystem problem that many have with dual boot. lots of interesting music to do.

i also did improve my voice a bit, but i still feel Like theres ways up to go. final product is way better than some of the stuff i had during production, Like this and this im really proud of a couple of moments like this and of course the drum solo

the video was a little rushed. deadline was inching closer and i didn't fully realize that "releasing in feb" really meant "you only have jan to work on this, and then like ~7 extra days." in this time i discovered a trillion tricks, since "you only have jan" actually means "you also have four college classes." the timing of this is project's deadline was really horrible because it was a day after a math exam and a week after a physics exam, two very hard classes. this project has probably the most extra files with unrelated tests, which i will publish all of them sometime but i'll link some in this question for now.

blender live animation, or whatever it's really called. it's really interesting. here's my test. i use this for the camera in some spots, as well as various objects.

but what's more interesting, taking these renders and then using cryptomatte to isolate objects. that is more interesting. but EXRs load really slowly in every application, so i don't think i'm ever going to do this again. here's what the method looks like, it's the same trick i used in videocamit's snowing and the donut test. i really wish it ran faster but with viewport renders being infinitely faster in every way i dont think i can ever go back to this. and what i mean by slow is <7fps. and there's no reason something that is already rendered cannot simply load into the program. like fuck, my hardware supports 60fps 8k BRAW, though i don't know what this measure actually means.

and viewport renders. let me talk about those since most people haven't. they're fast to render, and MOSTLY the same quality of a real render. plus, you can interesting passes like TimeEvolvesRenderC0001-0551.mp4 which was purely to get the camera tracking to work in the last scene... at that point i was so crunched on time that this and then doing text+liveaction in fusion was faster than figuring out how to do it properly in blender. theres some other places i just use viewport renders because theyre faster to run and still great quality.

and this sort of random video files is actually pretty interesting, and it's making me re-evaluate alot of how the creative toolkit works right now. that code assumes that you have one blender file and one fusion file per frame, and nothing else. which i am realizing is infinitely limiting, but giving more freedom makes it harder to automate. so i'll be exploring those potential techniques with davinci resolve over the next few months i guess. i already did a bit of stuff like with this and this and i hope to do way more in the future.

so much more also happened but this is just what i remember and found in the project files which i am now going to move to my archive drive which will also make the project nearly unopenable now. i guess let's open it up for a minute before all the paths get broken