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will ur music ever be on apple music

yes. due to an issue with apple music, they are STILL in the process of renaming me from davecode to paperdave. and due to ANOTHER issue, i have not fixed the redirects of the "/spotify" and "/apple-music" pages.

i've been in contact with distrokid / apple support and i forgot who said what but they both said that the name change was not forgotten about and apple just has a really slow queue for name changes and that they will get to it eventually but it might be many months, and this was many months ago.

and if not, will it be available to download as a local file

i am working on the music page right now and it will have my 4 "real" tracks but also 13 more instrumental tracks as well as the music_notephoenix write (soundtrack). in the meantime here are mp3 downloads to those four tracks: mayday, 18 now, mystery of life, g is missing. theres also flacs in the same spot if you switch the file extension. the music page will contain all these links in a pretty display, as well as streaming via some other files i have prepared.