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music_noteg is missing makes me really happy. if you had more time, what are some other things that would have been better about it? if you can think of any

the video was rushed alot, but i was really busy at that time and so on. i wish i could've really nailed the visuals on the drum solo because looking back at it to me feels like i just threw up a bunch of colors on the screen. not in a good way. but i mean, it's passable.

i also realized there was a bit to the audio which is present in the song, which i fixed in the video. right at the end. so this and many more small adjustments to the music i wish i could make but i couldn't do because the song was already sent off.

though this project has been a huge step up for me in many small ways. i think i'll only get better. i wanna be able to sing even better.