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How long does it take for you (minimum) to edit your song? Including importing/inserting your own VFX.

music_noteg is missing (2023) took 20(audio) + 15(video) = 35 hours to make. though my tracking on this time wasn't perfect. i need to get better at tracking my time.

music_notemystery of life (2022) took >10(audio) + 31(video) = >41 hours. saying more than ten because theres no way i only spent 10 hours.

videocamit's snowing (2022, short) the entire production from writing to uploading took 10.5 hours. this was a rush but an effective one.

luna (just realized that videos is not on this site yet, cant link) took 8 hours. another rush, not as effective, but quite a wild ride especially given it's context.

i remember off the top of my head videocamvisual cover: money took over a hundred hours.

so the takeaway here, which i'm also glad you've brought this up since i haven't looked at it yet myself: videos are being able to be made faster. though i have some trick shots i want to pull with davinci resolve but before we jump into new territory i'm going to be fixing this website up alot.