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any thoughts on AI and the possibility that our lives are about to change a lot in the next few years?

generative ai is really interesting and something i want to start using really soon because i have a lot of ideas on how i could apply it to my video making. i've already been messing with a few of AI tools like stable diffusion and whisper a while ago. these two are cool because i can run them without paying a giant company to run it for me, though there's some crazy tools out there. chatgpt is interesting, but alot of people overhyped it. it is a very interesting idea too and i think it's going to be really cool to see the tech powering bing.

lots of flaws right now in all of them (gpt can't code, sd/dalle still isn't great at alot of art) but it's only gonna get better slowly, and it definetly has applications right now. it might replace alot of jobs, but there will also be alot of new jobs and modified jobs where you know how to use these ai tools.