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How long did it take to edit music_notei'm 18 now

so this and the projects before is hard to know because i never logged time like i did like i do now, well i have some time logs but they were for songs before mayday.

i know i worked on 18 right after mayday and balancing with high school life i finished it right near the start of april. no estimate for you


probably much longer than it should have. this was from december to february and in general i felt like this had way more going on. song had so many wild things and weird things i just powered through.

if i HAD to estimate i think 18 and mayday were both over the 70hr mark for total production time

videocamthursday programming language comparison

probably within one day. thursday videos here were very fast turnaround and focused more on learning how to put audio together without having real audio software. i kind of want to try these kinds of videos again but with vocals and a real set of audio tools, i tried once already.


what's tedo