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sorry if this is too much to read -_-

i forgive you.

about your music video music_noteg is missing artifact , i was thinking of making that an actual game to play.

go ahead. just remember that g, e, m, are all based on real people who have heavy associations with the letter, in a sense that i often refer to them by their letter. and many other letters are also based on real people but not with the letter matching up.


1. quests from different unicode characters (e.g. numbers, IPA, music notes, whatever the heck you could think of)

2. dialogues and games (each letter would have interactions with dialogues of them speaking typical words about g, when going to another letter, they would probably make you do a game e.g. f makes you do a game where you play the drums and beat him and when you do his dialogue goes something like "dude, that was awesome! meet me at `insert location here 《good example: mountains》`)

3. boss battles with other unicode characters (basically in some other places, you might encounter some other people in which you have to fight)

4. 2 dimensional worlds (as in entering another place, it might become 2d, and in that 2d place, sometimes you can use bill wurtz effects, but it would SOMETIMES be 3d when it looks 2d 《what i mean is the start of your music video music_noteg is missing artifact , where there is no singing but just talking about the scene》)

interesting idea. i don't have time to make this game but if you do, you should join the discord and share your progress if that's something you're gonna work on. it would be wild to see a video game using blend modes and layering.