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Why don’t you use your platform to spread the word of Christ?

I don't speak any of the languages Christ originally spoke, so it would be pretty hard to do that.

To what degree does your girlfriend contribute to your creative endeavors?

extremely little; i always wanted complete creative control over my work, the most she's ever been involved is for minor details during brainstorms, and seeing what i work on before it's done. also, i'm not dating her now for other reasons, so...

meeeoooowww (message2022-04-18 07:32 dang it yer "paper"plane, ya loki'd meh! yeah, i'm aware it's not a question tho)

me-eow (what would ya buy at the corner store in bill's universe)

a corner

meow mew (do you wish you were something else instead of a bein' a programmer)

i wish i never got into it; too much time wasted making things way more complex than needed. music and videos wouldve been fun. but hey i get to do it this way, which makes me a little unique.

Do you prefer music without lyrics, or lyrics without music?

i think those are both very cool things, you can also try lyrics with music. three unique things to do and i love them all.

will fortnite integration be added to this website


are you a knockoff bill wurtz


i seriously forgot what year it is and my computer doesnt display what it is. i dont have a phone or any other computers i can access and everyone that i ask, they respond with 'venezuela' help me

if you check above the question part of this question, you'll see the exact date, hour, and minute you sent this question in.

Have you ever pressed the "9" button on a stove or microwave


Opinion on the names of the 4th, 5th and 6th derivatives of movement


What other languages do you speak?


Hi dave!!

Will you gradually move away from the bill wurtz-ish style and make your music videos more and more different, or do you feel like this style suits you well enough to justify keeping it?

i feel like i've already moved away enough, maybe it was so gradual you didn't notice. i know one visual thing i want to emphasize in my videos is building alternate worlds and putting myself in them using greenscreen tech and motion tracking. not sure if this key difference is visible much but it's my intent and where stuff is going to head, but i first have to solve some workflow stuff related to videos first.

If the former, would you do it to evolve your content into something that's more personal, or something else?

i believe it's already a bit personal but i'm not sure how i could explain how

Instead of singing in your songs you should try talking angrily and using an effect that makes you sound like your voice is coming out of a walkie-talkie.


What's the most dave caruso song you've made? What's the least dave caruso song you've made?

they're all dave caruso

Is your name pronounced /deɪv kəˈrusəʊ/ or /deɪv kærʊˈso/

/deɪv kəˈrusəʊ/

Why do you use social media

i really have no idea. it's stupid.

I’ve got a big old crazy idea. What if instead of “answers and questions” it was just “message and response” wouldn’t that be less restrictive? Also it would differentiate this page from bill wurst’s questions page. What I’m saying is you could drop a sentence ending in a period and it wouldn’t be weird.

you might be onto something

why do you have such a high-res screen???

i do not recall 1440p being high-res

Have you ever been in a fistfight?

not yet

If the world made sense

there wouldn't be web3

message2022-04-14 02:40 Also, I noticed you have a SPECIAL keyboard in the Framerate Issue video. The one that has a RED key, multiple gray colors, and a wheel thingy? What is it?

the speed editor, it came when i bought my copy of fusion/resolve.

Also, I apologize for anything bad that may have come from me asking the "why are you so good at singing" question, I did not intend to make anyone, including you, upset.

if it was upsetting or annoying enough, i would have not responded to it. many questions get thrown out this way.

I think most people can’t hear relative pitch. Idk much about music but I’m glad the video helped you. Are you open to new ideas?

always open

XVDHAE7;)£grx );8/)hfjsjd);!2!zjfkfozj

not a question.


i like this number.


what’s a color that no one has seen yet?

i don't think ive specifically shown anyone grey 600 (from my website color palette)

Can the parrot sound like me?

maybe if you sound like the parrot, then the parrot will sound like you.

Your response to the good at singing and bad at singing questions demonstrate a high level of maturity and non-stupidity that I honestly believe is not present in 95 percent of internet users. Never forget that an empty compliment is 1000x worse than a wholehearted insult.

of course

On the topic of improving, have you found out if you’re tone deaf or not?


Are you a fan of Don Hertzfeldt?

i have never heard of this guy before

Why are you so bad at singing?

i am aware of that and what i've seen so far is it just takes time. if you have practical tips maybe you can get in touch over at [email protected] and explain every way i'm bad at singing. the goal is improvement, and i had to start somewhere.

how many hats do you own

anywhere from 3 to 300,000

do you like your music

it can be improved

Why is j in the english language pronounced /dʒ/ and not /j/

i've never understood pronunciation but i'm just going to assume that the /y/ was taken or some other language does something.

Will you go to prom with me? -from your girlfriend


Do you like jello?

it's neat

How many landmasses have you been to?

a few

Is "pontification" autological?

i just googled both of those words and i believe pontification is not autological

You’ve said that your friends bully you about your music. Could you elaborate on that?

i don't recall saying exactly that but what i will say exactly is i think that a lot of people don't take this project very seriously.

Are your songs satirical in nature?


Do you like Spore

it's a really nice game

would you ever seek out bill wurtz's technical expertise by asking him a question?

already did. the issue was, at the time (this was years ago) we realized nothing about our workflows overlap at all. even now i don't think that much of our workflow overlaps despite both of us using blender now.

You strike me as a thief. Tell me why you think that is.

i rob you of your time.

What's the best country in the world?

they all suck

whats the next video project?

now that i'm not held by a date for any of my projects i want to have a nice experience making the videos, so the first step is figuring out how to make them without my computer lagging. keep in mind i have high end hardware, so a better computer is not the answer to this.

Assuming everything has a similar quality is there a form of hierarchy that determines how good everything is relative to each other

no, though if you isolate the same one aspect about everything, you might be able to find something that is "better" than another, but there is another property of [things] that you might ignore called "your personal opinion."

why did you close sports_esportsElemental 4?

i don't think there's a single reason in the universe to not have closed it.

meow (when r ya gonna do thursday series or "random", unique vids again?)

really soon

do you think you'll go west, and if so, where?

yes, but remember that every point is some amount west (and south) of where you were prior.

what is your favorite snack?


not a question but happy birthday.

thank you

what make the car to take long to start when i just putting petrol in the tank?

it needs some more motivation. consider directing vast amounts of electricity towards the engine.

Hello! Take the first letters of "Dave" and "Caruso", and then swap them.

Here's my opinion on Cave Daruso:

I'm sure Cave Daruso is a cave, and that it has a lot of stuff in it. I think the stuff will be usable, because of the "uso" in there. Also, apparently DAR is an American non-profit organization, so I think it is in the United States.

However, that is not a question. What is your opinion on Cave Daruso?

might be friends with mt. daruso

your most recent video is titled music_notemayday and May Day falls on 1 May. your next video will release around 30 April, a day before May Day. one video after music_notemayday, one day before May Day. pretty neat, huh?

this is an example of getting the right answer through the wrong means. there's a much simpler reason why i'm waiting until april 30th to release the new song (song and video was finished around apr 4)

what is it like to be in love?

love is the word that describes it. you won't know what it feels like until you truly experience it.

heaven doesn't exist

who told you that

are you going to trivia friday night or not?

one of these days

suggestion: add reactions to q+a



pretty damn long ago. near the start.

what is your ideal roadtrip idea?

hopefully on a road.

ah okay thanks, but i want a laptop currently for the portability. can you recommend some?

don't get something too cheap, or too expensive, unless you know exactly what you are wanting to do with it. check the specifications because if you don't you might accidentally buy yourself something worse than a chromebook in terms of usability. brands i would go to because i know their laptops are decent: lenovo, dell, and apple.


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