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why do animals talk?

to gossip about the humans

Is a hotdog a sandwhich ?


paperdave? more like paper dave

i understand

she is a my frand


I've never seen a QNA page like this

im not sure if this is a compliment or a question but thank you for your input.

Do you regret buying lol.zip for 500$? Cuz im a rock star

it was worth every penny of it

which number is the unfunniest of all


What if I answer my own questions instead?

seems like you want a q+a page too. that would be interesting.

If you sleep with contact lenses, can you remember your dreams better?

no it just increases your clarity and awareness inside of the dream but you'll still forget it afterwards

why do i sometimes chant the words "among us" in a corner?

this isn't true

minimalism or maximalism?

why not both

what happened to the vault on your old website?

rather just publish everything without putting a maze behind it.

and all the meme content is just on my friend's site, otherzone.net

How does one escape the Wii Sports Bowling Alley?

home button

When will the search button be added?

before the album is done

How to make your body fat wavy?

use FastWave

Who is the first prim minister of India

you were

whT is your gfna.e

i dont speak that language

Are you a postmodernist?

i'll be honest i dont remember which modern that we're "post" of so i can't say yes or no but i'm sure i exist after at least one event that someone once considered "modern".

I am curious, what sorts of recent shenanigans and/or devious tomfoolery have you been up to?

moving across the country, my work, and messing with Logic Pro X

opinion on obama

was not old enough to remember what life was like during their presidency but they seem like a cool person.


i see what you mean

Are nostalgia and the pioneer spirit at war with each other over the soul of humanity?

i think they could just share to be honest.

What is Ernie's favorite number?


Did you ever figure out who had the "paperdave" username on discord? Is it someone who knows you?

no one has it. it's likely reserved for an alt account i made and lost 8+ months ago

what if there were a way to sort tweets by ratio

ratio of what

My location

you're currently inside of the wii sports bowling alley.

Have you ever seen someone that you’d felt like you’d seen before, but you don’t know where and you don’t know when?

all the time, with everyone.

What is the one thing everything is made out of?


What is your name

dave m caruso

Are there any major design flaws present in microwave ovens that you have been able to identify?

i didn't grow up with a microwave and i don't know how to use the one in my apartment. so i can't answer this question.

If aliens exist, they might kill us as per the dark forest hypothesis; but if we are alone in the universe, then if we die, that's it, no more life. Which is more terrifying: the possibility that aliens exist, or the possibility that we are alone in the universe?

i think the latter is the true one because i usually feel alone in my own home. it's not really terrifying to me though, because i've gotten used to it; so the aliens existing would be scarier.

Types of poem

song and spoken

हड़प्पा सभ्यता का विकास कब हुआ

मुझे याद नहीं है

quick, get into the paperdave-copter!

sure, if i can find where it is.

if i were a vegetable what vegetable would i be

idk but you are what you eat so just look at what you are and coerce it to a vegetable.

why does the german like meat? because he's a hamburger!

you're not supposed to send the answer alongside the question. what was the idea of sending a question with an answer. what am i supposed to do. im confused

What is your favourite month and why is it November?

it's not november but im not really sure what it is. maybe it's may, or july, or september

opinions on the letter M?

he's great

what's the biggest fear you have?


Will you fix "Phoenix, WRITE!"/do you even know that it is currently broken? I would search for this as it's probably been asked before but I was really hoping to play the game but the game gets stuck at the "Foddian Game" section and never loads.

oh no

last time i played it that section loaded but if it isn't that's really unfortunate. i'll add this to my endless todo but idk when/if i can get to fixing it. email me with more info on how youre playing the game but i swear it ran fine on the google chrome version 2 years ago.

What is chemical reaction

which one

opinion on bun

favorite job

what is the way the cookie crumbles?

let me check

does "meta quest" or "oculus quest" sound better

oculus quest because meta still sounds like a word more than a hundred billion dollar company.

if everything came from nothing, is that why i feel like nothing?

it's a sign that you should become something.

you are extremely talented!

this is true but i see more room for growth

What inspired you to start coding?

part of it is the fact you can do anything and in a sense that is also a curse. sometimes i feel like i wish i never learned any of this and instead just focused on music/videos instead of dumping literally dozens on months failing to automate certain tasks

How was your journey?

i dont remember. i was very young. i know my dad was into computers and he helped me put together this really cool little mini pc and i then just kept going crazy with it. minecraft was somewhere along the journey. so was hacking my wii. windows batch files too, though now i use a blend between linux and macos.

i kind of just kept picking up different things but doing nothing huge with the skills because i didnt have the skills to make anything huge. or the ideas. and when youre a kid in middle/high school just googling how to use react and webpack in 2016-17 it's just confusing and i didnt really understand and either it's gotten easier or i grew but i started really understanding how the web stuff worked. but i also had very random skills in other places like java and c and so on. i also learned php more in depth than i should have but havent touched that in ???. so on and so forth

idk where im going because im pretending to know exactly what happened in my life. also music and videos happened. also elemental. also that thing with ludwig. also bun.

just kinda, do what you want to do. make sure to survive too. if you're lucky, you'll win the game.

I love your personal site, this q+a idea is awesome!

actually you are awesome

There are always two halves to everything: the half one sees, and the half one doesn't. This is true in any number of dimensions. One's half seen is all too often another's unseen. Or is there more that one doesn't see than that which one does…?

i'm on the side that doesnt see because i don't understand the question

what organ sell for vision pro

the part of my brain that is filled with anxiety

what screensaver do you use


does the one who has the last word get the last laugh?

not necessarily

do you like rap

sometimes. maybe i'll make a rap song sometimes.

how much did lol.zip cost you

like $500

don't be so hard on yourself. you are good. you are fine.

i needed to hear this. thank you. can you say it again just so i can really internalize it?

your text keeps cutting off

maybe your eyes are not seeing all of the text when in reality it is ri

Is using powershell cruel and unusual punishment or is it a godsend from Microsoft?

it's a mix of both. it's true power goes over my head. i just use javascript/bash to write my scripts.

The secret of the fox is an ancient mystery. Somewhere deep in the woods, I know you're hiding… What is your sound? Will we ever know?

there isn't one sound. it depends on the sitaution. but i say "hi" a lot

can i answer one of your questions



fun fact: dave has answered 1174 questions