paperdave's album

sorry about the lack of new art on the site
i've been working on an album

the album has 7 songs, and 3 non-songs
existing total run time of about 23 minutes

this is the largest creative project i have ever done in my life.

as of writing this (2023-11-12), it's been about half a year in the making, and i estimate it will take another year or two to fully get it done.

i'll make sure to update this page whenever the status changes. i also sometimes post updates in the discord and on other sites.

if you would like to be notified when the album is released, write to [email protected] asking to be put on the mailing list. i will then reply with two emails in response, one confirming you are on the list, and then a second when the album is published.

it will premiere on this website's homepage (ad free), and then be uploaded to other platforms.

spoilers / sneak peeks

2023-10-05: synth solo.mp3
2024-01-06: endless sprawling maze.mp3