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paperdave is a creative project by dave caruso to take computer software and its artistic and automation capabilities to the limits. on it, you can find a collection of his work of all mediums, including original music, abstract videos, video games, and the custom software built to make his processes go faster.

you'll find his art scattered around the internet on other websites; you may have already seen one of his popular projects. however, this site is the main place to find all of the content, for free — he believes Art is not a product, and therefore should not be monetized.

there is no correct way to explore the site, that is your challenge to solve, but the website is designed to make exploration easy. if this website is too hard for you, you can choose to be an amateur.

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I'm a computer science student in Michigan, with a huge interest in computers from the very beginning. Starting my adventures into programming from the age of 9, I have slowly built up a skill set of various computer science concepts, at dare I say, an advanced level. My favorite things to code are full-stack websites and web apps (TypeScript with Svelte or React), but I also have a soft spot in game development, as I originated from that area. Over the years, I have learned other languages like Python, C#, Java, and C++. Unlike the web, I don't use those extra languages much, so my knowledge is limited in those areas.

Aside from computer science, I have a passion for music and video production. One of my goals with paperdave is to make original music videos in an abstract art style similar to that of Bill Wurtz, but I won't limit myself to just music videos.

When not working on paperdave, I hang out with my friends and family. etc.

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