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is it dishonorable to resist an inevitable outcome?


How are you dear

i'm okay

this website smells like updog (say what's updog)

im unfamiliar with what an up dog smells like

Paper Dave: The Thousand-Year Door

what about it?

favourite video game(s)?

platformers like celeste and new super mario bros wii

found this site via color discord bot. anyways, does a set of all sets not containing itself contain itself?

it contains half of itself, on average.

do you have any advices for someone who's unwillingly walking a path way different than the path they actually want (they have to(

sometimes some paths are physically impossible to cross. just remember that it's usually possible to walk in both directions, and hopefully at some point you can revisit the more interesting path.

also, check for fog. sometimes you'll find the unappealing path actually leads to something interesting, but you just cant see it yet.

what is your random name?

dave caruso

you remind me of that one kid in fourth grade who really liked the Denver Broncos

whats a denver bronco

how was your evening

i'm really really tired

best kind of chocolate?

my opinion on this subject changes often but i really enjoyed the chocolate bars may got me some time ago.

what if i arranged words in concentric circles to be read from the center out, except i left a lot of empty space?

i did that once i think. it was very effective. try a variation where you're actually behind the circle and everything looks backwards.

thoughts on iOS jailbreaking?

i wish it was still possible but ios nowadays can do much more. well, i haven't used it in a while but next week i get to try it out again.

how many faces can you think of in your mind at the same time?


Remember Papa Verde and his delicious pizzas


how many feet does the universe expand?

all of them

are the answers generated by an AI?

as a real human, no the answers are not generated by ai but rather generated by a human. beep boop.

What do you hope for in life

free chocolate.

should i be worried that maybe the universe doesn't actually follow any natural principles and physical laws and that everything happens by random chance?

meh probably not

How many percentage of your day goes by looking at memes versus actually getting work done lol


Do you get enough sleep?

it depends but usually i do but sometimes i do really weird hours. yesterday and today i woke up at 8pm.

Are you single?

i think so

if you are, i'm single as well~

doesn't it feel so nice to be free in that way?

if you're not, then can I change that? <3

i love you but no thanks

she powers my high until i way???

let me ask her if this is true on her question's page.

so, how's the site redesign going?

i had to rollback everything because the q+a page did not let people type in the box for some reason.

otherwise i dont feel like porting over all the old pages. might make the site much more minimal. might make a blog.

how much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

let me ask the woodchuck on their questions page.

How would my girlfriend feel if I kissed her on the neck?

you should go to their questions page and ask that

thoughts on gpt (not chatgpt, but the original gpt (the one that works like predictive typing))?

it's quite interesting

Which one is your favorite? Huggy Wuggy, Seek, Scary Blue, or Zumbo Sauce?

i have never heard of any of these but i will go with seek

do you have any file backup strategies for your digital archive

physical local hard drive

and is its total size getting out of control

not really. i usually dont save uncompressed renders

Magic Conch Shell, can I have something to eat?

try asking doordash instead.

Why do apple computers heat up? Because Tim Cook hates his fans!

heh. it's actually because they dont put fans in half their machines.

ashi rdhoas as djoasjo joas as?

i'm not so sure about this one

Whatever it is, someone in the world is doing it. Or at least it used to be that way. What happened to make people stop seeing things as valuable in and of themselves?

i'm not 100% sure but i think is related, even just a little, to the new copy+paste technology culture that rose half a decade ago. also "content" culture.

True or false: In science, ideas are not proven or disproven, merely lent credence to or discredited.

True but paradoxically I could not actually prove this is the case, so False.

I love you

i love you too may

Opinions on artificial intelligence?

they're okay but i'm more interested in artificial intelligence's opinions on you.

Is mayonnaise an instrument? If not, what about horse radish?

anything can be an instrument if you have a good enough sampler. for example, a wifi router.

is it answers & questions, or questions & answers?

its a chicken and egg problem, both were first.

why doesn't the background of this page cover the entire screen on mobile, it shows a white tile on the right on portrait mode

probably the rules of the stupid web framework im using

I asked ChatGPT to predict the names of your following albums. How do you feel about this information? Here are the names if you're curious:


"I'm Sorry I Haven't Touched Base"

"mysterious song of summer"

this one is so close to a title of a SONG in the album.

"a year"


overall these were all pretty good but a human can write way better ones.

if you worked on a big video project that had animation, music and text, would you keep everything in one folder or put the animation in the Blender folder, the music in the music projects folder and the text in the text folder or sth, and then make shortcuts to those folders inside a main folder

In the past I had a videos folder and then a folder per video.

For the album I have: ~/Album/logic/<song name>.logicx. Logic is great because each file is basically a zip file of all song contents, samples, etc.

For the videos of the album, I'm not fully sure but i feel like it'll be ~/Album/<song name>/<scene number>/{program name}/file.ext

do you know the way?

this question is like the whole premise of the album.

Giving you a riddle: There are 2 fruits


that are digital and not edible, what are they?

oops, already eaten.

ever give names to your memories?

the memories actually name me.

I love you

i love you too. stay safe out there milo.

why did Elon cross the bird?

you should ask them on their question page.

Why did dave cross the road?

to get to the chicken

Why did the chicken climb Mt. Everest?

to achieve the world record.

if the hamburger was invented in hamburg, then what would it be called in different countries?

the beef sandwich

I am the gender bender, and I hate to render,

Stereotypes that society engenders,

Breaking free from boxes, I am a contender,

Embracing uniqueness, a beauty so tender.

(rate my rap from 1-10)

you forgot to attach the beat, but i think you're on the right track. 6

how to achieve world peace?

try to ask nicely but still be assertive. could also buy it.

your onion on crying?

of course

every word on this page is the name of your albums for the next 50 years

that is not true

have you ever come across an artwork content etc someone else has created thats very similar to something you already had in mind


which you thought was a completely original idea?

i think of these as like higher level concepts like "a spoken word moment within an otherwise music packed album" and when i think of these i almost always follow the thought with "i'm sure someone's done this before, but it's definetly not very common"

and if you did what was your reaction like

i'm always so glad to see it's possible.

me and a friend talk about this stuff alot when thinking about each others ideas and theres a word i feel like they use alot. like one day recently i was talking about one idea related to video publishing and they said:

Thats genius. Is there precedent for that?

you have voices in your head?

correct. one of my songs actually is partly about that (you recited one of the lines almost exactly)

your onion on paperdave

is too slow at producing hit albums

is this a question, or is this an answer?

it's both combined in one

How to learn english language

hear and speak words for a few years

how long have you been answering loaded questions?

my whole life. right at the start they asked what i wanted to be when i grew up but they didnt tell me any of the options, and kinda just thought i'd know.

have you ever made a maze

yes, it is called my hard drive.

follow up question do you think "maken" or at least "maden" would be a better choice for make's Past Participle Form. or just anything else but "made" actually now that i try them all out again made sounds fine anyway I'd still like to see what you think about that

should've been "maide"

where's the online million vbucks i have demanded for?

check under the doormat

What is this earth

it's a dangerous place.

If you press neutral on every question you get istp. Thoughts on personality tests?

They are fun but take it with a few dozen ounces of salt.

how do you host your website?

so i want to rebuild the entire thing AGAIN

right now it is a sveltekit app run on a digital ocean vps (i had issues with cloudflare workers caching and hanging)

every single thing is dynamically linked to a postgresql database. its a mess and i think this is a mistake since so much content is rarely updated and i think the real solution to scheduling content is not a database but just

sleep <seconds till release>; git push

im thinking of using astro in the future but the fact theres no client side routing is really not doing it for me. i started making my own set of tools for it that solves all those problems but its nowhere near usable.

the site is something i want to work on but ive had little time and motivation as my current life time is spent doing these things

  • writing code for bun
  • working on the album
  • being alive life stuff.

working on the site or framework is like, too much code for my life workflow right now. perhaps. maybe a spark of motivation will happen.

in the future it will most definetly be running on bun/oven's hosting service but that doesnt exist yet.


i want to take a note to describe how dynamic the question answer page really is. its the coolest part of the site and the only thing that really needs to be dynamic. each question is markdown code using a forked version of a markdown parser that lets me throw in message2023-08-05 21:07 which is just the text #230805210708 but it seems that code is now magically broken. wtf. why cant it just work.

this stuff breaking is the type of shit that makes me want to write it all over myself with just my code. but thats like weeks of work, especially if i want to keep the site as big as it is. there is a case to just make it a single


the cdn

Why Doesn't My Child Listen?

Maybe you weren't listening to your child.

what android phone brand do you prefer most?

i've only ever used Google Pixel as an android phone, but ive held the Samsung phone and it is very interesting from an outsider. but i think in a few months i'm just gonna buy an iphone. but at the same time i might keep my android phone because i really like the voice recorder app i use on that and i dont believe it exists on ios.

keurig dr pepper or national beverage?

liquid aluminum

Why is "why did the chicken cross the road" so funny to me?

i think you should think about how the chicken crossed the road. it's even funnier i promise.

What's yours name

michael jackson

coke or pepsi?

dr pepper

what are your grand literary ambitions?

to get something written at all for some of these bridges

i need help on my math homework

did you try "completing the square"

are you an intp?

i forgot what my personality test was but maybe you can take it for me by pressing "neutral" on every question

Macintosh Plus

idk i have the max one. or the pro? or both. i dont know. these words all basically mean the same thing to me when used as a suffix of a tech product.

Can you swim?

i can swim similarly to how the pyramids in egypt can be a movie theater. possible, but not intentional or a good idea.

what are your thoughts on the new metric prefixes, ronna-, quetta-, ronto-, and quecto-, added just last year?

i think they are very cool however i cannot find any use i will ever measure anything, real or virtual, with those prefixes.

for distance, i think "inch" or "cm" covers like every single one of my use cases, including within 3d software / virtual stuff. beyond that i'd just measure a distance in minutes that it'd take using the transit system.


that would be the number of songs in my upcoming album.

fun fact: dave has been a member for 15423 days

that is not true it's only been almost half that

how to ask a question?

too late

"Simply owing to one’s learning that a deed ought not to be done, there is no implication yet that one will refrain from it, and verily in the history of human actions there can be discovered many instances of unnecessary conduct begetting at times malign consequences, or otherwise violating some moral principle, undertaken by individuals of otherwise good temperament despite their better knowledge."

– me

you forgot to ask the question

thoughts on Speedy Eggbert?

i've never seen this before. it seems reasonable.

hi dave

goodmorning stacy.

thoughts on old relationships??

you could be referring to a lot of things but relationships that get old are usually really good and comfortable.

i know where i live

i sure hope you do

Are you bill wurst's long-lost cousin?

i have bad memory so that could've totally happened and i just forgot.

How's the progress on your album, like, in percent?

if we only count the writing phase, 72.5%

if we count the rest of it, i would have to estimate, idk. 20%

aiming for next year but it's really hard to know how long it'll actually take to make it. it might be 2025. but i'm okay spending as much time as it takes so long as i'm not getting trapped in perfectionism.

music videos too.

What's it like to live in your own apartment?

it feels extremely fresh but the place is still a mess as i wait for the rest of my IKEA furniture to ship.

but the general thing is there are bills, i have a job, but i get full control over my life.


Does it get lonely sometimes or are you good?

so this isnt unique to living in an apartment but for my situation i moved an extremely far distance (Detroit -> San Francisco) so that basically cuts off physical contact to the people i know and love.

Yes, it gets a little lonely because of that specifically. but the idea of living in a place on my own isn't a lonely feeling.

who are you

someone's long-lost cousin.

What themes do you commonly find yourself exploring in your writing and in your lyrics?

my upcoming album explores a lot of negative-but-im-confused-why feelings. also trying to figure out love. also hair.


oh i

got lost inside a paradise


it stopped at every station

but none felt like home


i wanna love someone, but i'm locked in despair

life moves so quickly, and i'm almost there


oh wow the toast is ready


it's a different but sweet and solemn sound

is this easy?

is what? because no matter what you're gonna ask the answer is no. nothing is easy.


this is not true


this is also not true. though i know your expectations were betrayed.

it's okay, i promise.

Why did the chicken cross the Möbius strip?

because it was already on the other side

what does your site run on (ie: jeykll, wordpress, php)

sveltekit running on node.js on a blank linux vps

update name paint ):<

with what?

can i wage peace with weapons of mass construction?

you can try but construction usually gets in the way of people just trying to exist.

What is lol.zip?

it's funny.


fun fact: dave has answered 1176 questions