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Why is your logo a paper airplane?

i chose it, randomly.

What is your opinion on brick walls representing progress blockers

i think its a fine representation. use more imagery maybe.

Is it plausible to describe or evaluate art by comparing it to other art

describe, almost.

evaluate, never.

How did you learn to create a website

start with windows 7 notepad and then save the file as .HTML. keep learning. ignore browser support. then learn how to do everything properly.

Do you ever sometimes feel like you spend too much time making music or does it always feel worthwhile

both at the same time. its a huge time sink, and i wish i could get projects done faster, but i always think the time i put in it regardless is worth it.

though right now im putting zero time into the music work at the moment so it's not very worthwhile of the time im putting in it. unfortunatly. hopefully production can pick back up by may.

Why did you create a Q&A page

i felt a bored and i wanted to see if i could.

Do you think acronyms are redundant


Why can i scroll to the right and find a white bar

because im too lazy to fix the one question that has a really long code block

Why is your name paperdave

someone used it as a nickname for me a long time ago, based on my profile picture being a paper airplane. now the icon represents the name, which represents the icon. so we're kinda suck in a loop. i i think it sounds nice.

If a person consumes soup, is that person eating or drinking it

it depends if they are eating from the soup or drinking the soup liquid.

is it supposed to be difficult to lust for someone you also love? i am maybe a little surprised to find that the two emotions don't mix well for me, and instead would create an unpleasant cocktail when i try to force them to coexist.

which definition of "love" do you have because depending how you define it that makes perfect or zero sense.

favorite longer than 8 minutes song?

i keep that one a secret

If seafood exist, then what is hear food?

it's available readily in landlocked cities.

Are there any features that you wish were part of programming languages, but aren't?

civet has some fun things i wish typescript had like switch pattern matching and pipelines. there's a million other things i could think of though, especially for other languages.

how many sleeps till christmas?

it depends on when you celebrate chrismas

Cogs. Machines. AI generated art.

ai can't generate art right now. i don't think it is capable of that, by definition.

Where does it stop? Huh? What are the limits of creativity?

there are none. creativity goes infinitely. in fact you might find ways to use cogs, machines, and ai tools to help you on your way to making art.

The limits of soul?

not sure. i tried finding the limits once but couldn't. i feel like it isn't infinite, but i didn't look all the way.

In my distress over these questions and... many more... Technology has ripped us from our human connotations... Robots, taking our jobs. Neural networks, drawing our logos and.. pictures of things...

i don't think that's true. well, you sure can let it rip you away if that's what you want.

Could you please do a demonstration of some of the interesting things that can be displayed with the engine you have coded this Questions and Answers page in?

unfortunatly it isn't capable of anything

Question 3: What's your favourite sorting algorithm?


emotional reaction to the prospect of one's own death?

been there done that it's a bad but sometimes necessary thing.

what is the speed of sound?

about 1 sonic, which is a unit of measuring speed.

have you heard of the Alfabetons?

i haven't heard of this before.

it's a show that teaches Spanish and i'm currently learning using it

sounds interesting.

is hate correlated with hunger?

no it's more like a causation.

A train is traveling west to east at a speed of 300 km/h. The driver applies the brake

aren't these automated by now?

producing a deceleration of 1.4 m/s². In newtons, how hard will the man in carriage 7 mash his face into the seat in front of him

i just got home after 4 hours of college physics class i did not need to hear any of this.

and realize most of the problems in his life are created not by external circumstances, but his own repeated self-sabotage?

i don't think they will ever realize that to be honest.

music_notei'm 18 now

Question 1: When you say you had that tune stuck in your head since age 14, are you referring to the first part of the song, or the "I'm 18 now and I'm" part of the song

it was the chorus tune except it was "i'm 15 now" except it was the second chorus only. i then wrote the first two verses later on and then renaming it to 18 after i realized that fit the melody as well, and had a new, much more realistic deadline. i think most of my way though music_notemayday i realized i could totally pull it off instead of it being a song that went to waste. so then the bridge mentioning 14 was then written then as a sort of callback. i think there was another one in the song referencing age 9 as sort of the start of everything but i didnt keep that in and i dont remember what it even was about. most of this song was theorized as a showerthought, kinda evolving over the years.

describe the shape of love, if love were a physical object.

eight-dimensional, sharp yet soft. warm, sometimes too hot.

if you own the .com domain as well, why not use it as the main one?

the net feels nicer to me. i took the com just so i'm not in the same situation as i was with davecode.me/net/com


good morning, thanks for making sure the system works.

Did we come into the world very old in a time that was very young?

it depends on your perspective, and i'm not so sure where i stand.

are all the placeholders copied from questions people asked that you didn't answer?

no i wrote them all besides "I would suggest removing the example sentences from this textbox since it encourages some people to just type what it says in there." but oddly enough i cant find me replying to that prompt on this page.

if the world were a movie, what genre would it be?


whats your favorite chocolate brand/type

i forgot what the brand is but there's this one that is really really really really nice. but most of them are pretty good as long as they give you actual chocolate unlike some brands.

what's your favorite sandwich?

w/o mayo

Why do popular people at schools get everything in life, including at school?

they bribe the judges

do you have a music_notemayday song!?!?!!?!?!? ITS GOOD!!!!

i'm glad you enjoy it, it was a very important stepping stone for me to allow myself to make mistakes in my art, because projects after it would make less mistakes.

how many hats are you wearing?

zero at the moment, usually 1

what is the speed of light?


How long did it take to edit music_notei'm 18 now

so this and the projects before is hard to know because i never logged time like i did like i do now, well i have some time logs but they were for songs before mayday.

i know i worked on 18 right after mayday and balancing with high school life i finished it right near the start of april. no estimate for you


probably much longer than it should have. this was from december to february and in general i felt like this had way more going on. song had so many wild things and weird things i just powered through.

if i HAD to estimate i think 18 and mayday were both over the 70hr mark for total production time

videocamthursday programming language comparison

probably within one day. thursday videos here were very fast turnaround and focused more on learning how to put audio together without having real audio software. i kind of want to try these kinds of videos again but with vocals and a real set of audio tools, i tried once already.


what's tedo

Which fictional character do you most relate to?

most is a very strong word but lex everett

Why bad things happen to good people?

just another balance patch

Are these contents that you're making right now really inspired you with bill wurtz's work?

yes but also many other people

any thoughts on AI and the possibility that our lives are about to change a lot in the next few years?

generative ai is really interesting and something i want to start using really soon because i have a lot of ideas on how i could apply it to my video making. i've already been messing with a few of AI tools like stable diffusion and whisper a while ago. these two are cool because i can run them without paying a giant company to run it for me, though there's some crazy tools out there. chatgpt is interesting, but alot of people overhyped it. it is a very interesting idea too and i think it's going to be really cool to see the tech powering bing.

lots of flaws right now in all of them (gpt can't code, sd/dalle still isn't great at alot of art) but it's only gonna get better slowly, and it definetly has applications right now. it might replace alot of jobs, but there will also be alot of new jobs and modified jobs where you know how to use these ai tools.

How long does it take for you (minimum) to edit your song? Including importing/inserting your own VFX.

music_noteg is missing (2023) took 20(audio) + 15(video) = 35 hours to make. though my tracking on this time wasn't perfect. i need to get better at tracking my time.

music_notemystery of life (2022) took >10(audio) + 31(video) = >41 hours. saying more than ten because theres no way i only spent 10 hours.

videocamit's snowing (2022, short) the entire production from writing to uploading took 10.5 hours. this was a rush but an effective one.

luna (just realized that videos is not on this site yet, cant link) took 8 hours. another rush, not as effective, but quite a wild ride especially given it's context.

i remember off the top of my head videocamvisual cover: money took over a hundred hours.

so the takeaway here, which i'm also glad you've brought this up since i haven't looked at it yet myself: videos are being able to be made faster. though i have some trick shots i want to pull with davinci resolve but before we jump into new territory i'm going to be fixing this website up alot.

why is there between but no bethreen?

i will check

Why is it always this way?

because the fearful weather says so

Would you like to speak it all night?

i always loved this line because it can be thought of many different things, even something crazy suggestive, or crazy in the exact opposite way like a huge debate with flamethrowers.

How do they choose the fearful weather?

all weathermen and weatherwomen and other weather people go to a giant meeting room. with flamethrowers.

Where has our friend gone?

the flamethrower store in preparation of the weather debate all night. it's always been this way and it will never change.

why is the sky white?

it's that time of the year again.

music_noteg is missing makes me really happy. if you had more time, what are some other things that would have been better about it? if you can think of any

the video was rushed alot, but i was really busy at that time and so on. i wish i could've really nailed the visuals on the drum solo because looking back at it to me feels like i just threw up a bunch of colors on the screen. not in a good way. but i mean, it's passable.

i also realized there was a bit to the audio which is present in the song, which i fixed in the video. right at the end. so this and many more small adjustments to the music i wish i could make but i couldn't do because the song was already sent off.

though this project has been a huge step up for me in many small ways. i think i'll only get better. i wanna be able to sing even better.

will ur music ever be on apple music

yes. due to an issue with apple music, they are STILL in the process of renaming me from davecode to paperdave. and due to ANOTHER issue, i have not fixed the redirects of the "/spotify" and "/apple-music" pages.

i've been in contact with distrokid / apple support and i forgot who said what but they both said that the name change was not forgotten about and apple just has a really slow queue for name changes and that they will get to it eventually but it might be many months, and this was many months ago.

and if not, will it be available to download as a local file

i am working on the music page right now and it will have my 4 "real" tracks but also 13 more instrumental tracks as well as the music_notephoenix write (soundtrack). in the meantime here are mp3 downloads to those four tracks: mayday, 18 now, mystery of life, g is missing. theres also flacs in the same spot if you switch the file extension. the music page will contain all these links in a pretty display, as well as streaming via some other files i have prepared.

Things aren't working between me and my shadow. It follows me everywhere I go. Anything I do, it does. Every time I try to touch another shadow, my own shadow keeps getting in the way. Like, ever since me and my shadow got together, I don't think I've physically touched any other shadow. It's clingy and I don't like it. I feel suffocated. How should I proceed?

threaten to turn off all of the lights.

Do you have a tendency to forget information?

i forgot the answer to this question.

Do you like balloons?

only the popped ones.

when writing the lyrics for music_noteg is missing, did you make a list of what you could say about each letter and then decide which lines to use, or did you come up with the lines/which letters to mention as you went along from start to finish?

neither. i wrote it completely out of order. i switched which letters i mentioned. some of the letters have ties to real people, such as @M_is_Scared. if i wasn't as limited on time i would've made a longer song that went over every letter there was and what they were doing during the situation, maybe that wouldn't fit.

for a measure of how unordered the song is, i think the last line i wrote was the end of the first chorus: "when will the search end so we can go bring them home"

What software do you use for making music videos and other art?

i said i knew what i was doing but im still really confused on what the best sofware is.

if youre looking to get into stuff, you gotta checkout blender. if you want to know what i am using just to know, for the past few videos ive used a mix of blackmagic fusion, davinci resolve, blender, and custom software to automate pieces of it. i didn't use davinci resolve on music_notemystery of life, and only used it for converting a png sequence on music_noteg is missing, but i think i'm going to start using it more in future videos. i used to be not so comfortable recommending my software but i know these two programs are really big and the free version of resolve is free, which has a (albeit lame) version of fusion built in. so you can try it and see if you love it. if you are a really big user of it, consider the one time $300 upgrade; i can say its worth it.

also in some future projects i want to use stable diffusion and some really weird image / video tricks that i haven't actually made yet. please ask this question again after my next few videos go out.

for music i use bitwig studio but you gotta remember that what daw you use really doesnt matter. however, bitwig has some fun built in presets, where if you pick up something like reaper you got to find samples and plugins elsewhere to do anything. i might switch to reaper in the future because its more scriptable than bitwig (not more but IS while the other one IS NOT).

overall, do know that there's more than one way to make art. that's what makes art art. don't copy what i have, or worse, BLINDLY BUY STUFF.

Seriously, music_noteg is missing is AMAZING! :) Can you share more insight about the making of this song and video?

this song was thought up after my friend gee fell off the internet due to their life being busy. it was funny to me because they never said they would be going missing, they kinda just did. so then one day i had this Little idea (i would say what day it was but i haven't indexed the whole audio journal, or maybe i didn't write it down idk) ((this is the earliest file i have for g is missing 2022-08-17-19-43-32.m4a and i'll update this question with the true first sketch when i find it))

the song started very similar to how it is now and the sketch idea went until "or whatever it's called." i was just doing shower improv singing and it was fun because that last Line gets so overloaded and dragged out that the voice just giving up on singing and switching to the spoken "or whatever its caller as well giving up on identifying whatever the hell S even had. that was and is so funny to me, but i was laughing quite a bit in the shower at that time. fun stuff so then i thought more and decided "yeah we're gonna finish this on gee's birthday" and then i finished the song sometime at the end of my break between college semesters.

this was the first project i dived into getting VST plugins to work on linux. its a hard setup and it sucks. though i see a really interesting world of new sound i can get through the ones i found/bought. i have windows 10 setup on my other SSD which i am going to do the rest of my songs on since plugin support is way better there and i fixed the big filesystem problem that many have with dual boot. lots of interesting music to do.

i also did improve my voice a bit, but i still feel Like theres ways up to go. final product is way better than some of the stuff i had during production, Like this and this im really proud of a couple of moments like this and of course the drum solo

the video was a little rushed. deadline was inching closer and i didn't fully realize that "releasing in feb" really meant "you only have jan to work on this, and then like ~7 extra days." in this time i discovered a trillion tricks, since "you only have jan" actually means "you also have four college classes." the timing of this is project's deadline was really horrible because it was a day after a math exam and a week after a physics exam, two very hard classes. this project has probably the most extra files with unrelated tests, which i will publish all of them sometime but i'll link some in this question for now.

blender live animation, or whatever it's really called. it's really interesting. here's my test. i use this for the camera in some spots, as well as various objects.

but what's more interesting, taking these renders and then using cryptomatte to isolate objects. that is more interesting. but EXRs load really slowly in every application, so i don't think i'm ever going to do this again. here's what the method looks like, it's the same trick i used in videocamit's snowing and the donut test. i really wish it ran faster but with viewport renders being infinitely faster in every way i dont think i can ever go back to this. and what i mean by slow is <7fps. and there's no reason something that is already rendered cannot simply load into the program. like fuck, my hardware supports 60fps 8k BRAW, though i don't know what this measure actually means.

and viewport renders. let me talk about those since most people haven't. they're fast to render, and MOSTLY the same quality of a real render. plus, you can interesting passes like TimeEvolvesRenderC0001-0551.mp4 which was purely to get the camera tracking to work in the last scene... at that point i was so crunched on time that this and then doing text+liveaction in fusion was faster than figuring out how to do it properly in blender. theres some other places i just use viewport renders because theyre faster to run and still great quality.

and this sort of random video files is actually pretty interesting, and it's making me re-evaluate alot of how the creative toolkit works right now. that code assumes that you have one blender file and one fusion file per frame, and nothing else. which i am realizing is infinitely limiting, but giving more freedom makes it harder to automate. so i'll be exploring those potential techniques with davinci resolve over the next few months i guess. i already did a bit of stuff like with this and this and i hope to do way more in the future.

so much more also happened but this is just what i remember and found in the project files which i am now going to move to my archive drive which will also make the project nearly unopenable now. i guess let's open it up for a minute before all the paths get broken


What's the best scenario for the World to be a better place?

time has to pass. but also if time goes backwards it also happens. counterintuitive.

Hehehehe :)


music_noteg is missing What happened to the sound of your recent upload

apparently the Youtube preset in DaVinci Resolve does not include audio? i don't know. the DNxHR version i exported to for the automatic-upload-to-website-script did incldue audio. same timeline, same export time. so what i uploaded to youtube after was the webm that the upload script made and not the "youtube" export preset. it doesn't help that i didn't preview it locally but only the other files, and you cant preview a video before it premieres.

also keep in mind i did all this exporting at literal 3am so i mightve hit a wrong key during this.

also i am starting to use davinci resolve again but for this video it was just for turning the png sequence into a video because i didn't want to bother fucking up my ffmpeg options (at 3am). i was also messing with effects and i think i figured out why projects like music_notei'm 18 now were so broken in that app and how to get around those issues.

are you restoring any more questions, or are these all the questions you could find?

all of them, i just have to sort out links and some other details. for example, one links to journal2019-05-06-18-47-08.mp4 which is not hosted at the moment. so im doing a first pass of the questions i can upload. and then ill figure out how i want to upload media files like this (well journal is a whole topic that haven't really started doing. and then i'll make sure to go back and edit this question to make sure the link is a link. this response will look really weird in the future.

where's scribner

you tell me

Who/what are your influences?

too many to name but the obvious one is bill wurtz. their art really sent the message to me that i could and should do whatever the hell i wanted to. but i'm taking so many other influences off everyone else. influencing off my friends and even my enemies. lots of influence. overflowing, even.

does anyone still remember despacito or baby shark


Is life art, and art life?

yes, and then add love into it but keeping a balance of the three.

how many questions do you receive per day, and from how many different askers?

almost the right amount

About the tags that you can put at the start of questions that direct website viewers to the work of yours that the question is referring to, would you ever consider adding one of those tags to a question completely unrelated to the work that the tag links to?

they're called mentions and they can go anywhere in the response and videocamtest video 1 no

What do you aspire to be?

someone who doesn't use a vpn to tour the usa/world and ask questions as 8 different people to this one person online. but more specifically i wanna be someone who makes interesting things with the computer, which i currently do but i think i could do more and maybe i could also have a job on the side so i can pay for the tools to make the art or maybe i can promote my donation page enough to make a living from that but i'm not placing any bets there.

Are art films art or is only video art art?

art is art

what are the titles of some of your favorite works of literature that you've read so far?

feed by m.t. anderson

i just realized a character from that book is, at least by her name, present in my current writing project. maybe that was subconciously intentional.

but anyways i was forced to read "a book of my choice" during high school english class in 2022. i randomly picked this one off the shelf. no other book has remained in my memory as much as this one has, or at least the feeling i got reading it.

i would list more books but i do not recall liking many books. same with movies, tv, songs, and alot of other media.

is everything bad


how well do you get people? ("get" in the sense of "understand")


what is platonic love really?

wanting to be with someone or a group of people forever, but at the same time everyone is still their own self. idk, just it seems romantic love shoves all the members into a rigid box, at least traditionally. which is a huge turn off for me.

Is there something that you believe that you worry too much about when creating stuff, or something that you put too much pressure on yourself for?


light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, deoxyribonucleic acid, or self-contained underwater breathing apparatus?

i don't see why we cannot combine all three of these and get a DNA powered LASERSCUBA.

What's your vocal range?

i have never done a formal test but i know it goes really low and just a little bit up. the next song explores a little bit of this but doesn't push any limits.

on a related note, i've noticed i usually sing in the octave above what i probably should be singing in, but oh well.

this also reminds me of that one song idea that goes really low then takes a very quick transition to a very high part that i don't think i can sing.

ask me again in a few weeks and maybe i'll have a range demo prepared.

is it a day of the week today?

let me check

… do you ever feel all alone in this world?

all the time, but then all the oxygen around me gives me a hug

describe your taste in music?


what is your Myers-Briggs type?

i forgot but maybe it's itnp

what is bad

it comes down to personal opinion

and why does badness exist?

people have different views on bad and get mad at each other really easily. that's the badness in action. and theres usually cases where neither side is actually wrong but the badness stems out of that.

what if rockdave and paperdave meet up?

this actually already happened but it hasn't been revealed to the public yet.

What's the title of the last book you read?

Calculus: Early Transcendentals (9th Edition)

In your opinion, what is the most beautiful math equation ever derived?

this is such a good question that i feel like i have a really insightful answer but i cannot pull out the MOST beautiful one.

in my calc class a few days ago i learned about integreation by parts, though i think khan academy explained it way better than my class, by deriving the forumal off the product rule, which was really interesting to see.

though i feel like there's probably some more interesting equations that are even more beautiful, but i don't really remember it.

what year is it


when does time average out?

if math class told me anything, it's likely to be at e^x or something.

am I cool?

it's in the realm of possibility


i love you too.

answers&questions? but the last thing this was right before it died was input/output

right so lets clear that up. that whole system was a mistake, and i now live with some consequences of that (in the code it's still referred to as a Message).

the issue with a non-q&a page is, for non questions, what the hell do i say?

and i took it down for that reason but also because i had some really anoying people and my mental state was just not in the right place to be running it. i think i'm better now, and i think the anoying people found better things to do.

music_notemystery of life Why is "Rain" capitalised in "We sit around inside the Rain"? Was this a stylistic choice?

it was.

capitalization is a big thing for me, and i dont understand how i do it either- it's style based on feeling. the way i use capitalization is almost a form of emphasis. like bold and italics, you can capitalize a letter to emphasize it's importance.

proper nouns kinda do this but i dont really consider the rain as a proper noun, but more of a Fancy Concept that's probably a metaphor for something bigger than what it means literally. i don't remember what that metaphor would be and it's probably just something open to interpretation- i wrote that line on my stepdads ipad during dinner at the taco place.

when did time begin?

it happened a long time ago. similar to how gravity was "invented," we didn't realize time was happening until we did and that moment is what we refer to as year 0. so in some sense, that's when time began. but that would mean things happened before time began which doesnt make sense, it's all those negative years, or what some people call BC (before clocks). we could say time began a lot longer but its hard to know when since no one realized the time was moving forward.

sometimes i forget that time exists and the moment that was now was actually years beforehand.

scissordave is coming after you what will you do. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they are unaware that i am friends with rockdave

what time is it

it's time for adventure-- look outside. take it all in.

is the fun right here?

i like to think the fun is in many places. but yes, this place is one of those places where the fun is at. i'm glad you stopped by.

Since the other guy made a follow up, I’m the guy who asked why you were bad at singing message2022-05-11 23:13. I did it because I thought I wasn’t connected to the internet lmao. I highly doubt that it bothered you but if it did then allow me to impart som wisdom upon you. Even if I didn’t bother you this is still good advice anyway. This may sound counter intuitive but you should never take your art too seriously. Im not saying don’t be passionate, what I’m saying is your art should be an extension of yourself, not an emotional tumor on your soul. Think about this, imagine you give a young child a teddy bear to keep him company. The teddy bear may provide him with comfort and a feeling of safety but in the long run it may prove to be a stressor if the child doesn’t learn that the teddy bear is just an object. If the child grows up just as attached to his bear as when he was a baby, then his soul will be crushed if anything happens to it. Or maybe I’m just crazy.

i like this response a lot

What’s your least favorite color?


message2022-05-13 10:27 Why did you respond in all caps? Also I should have told you that if you suspect you’re tone deaf there’s YouTube videos you can watch. Look up a tone deafness test.

i've since went to them and the results off the top of my head were "not tone deaf" but "not even relative pitch," but there was something more interesting i learned on a tiktok video on accident: not being able to hear yourself, or worse, hearing yourself at a slight delay or pitch shift completely messes up your ability to sing. this is significant because my setup doesn't give any feedback into my ears (i wear headphones) so i'm just singing blindly. so i'm gonna look into all this when i get back to doing music production (currently on a wild code spree)

Why are you so good at singing?

this is the exact opposite of what message2022-05-11 23:13 says and its equally infuriating when i get this feedback. it's awful. though it is a question so i don't know what i'm supposed to expect.

Favourite songs?

Similar to the favorite song i made question. so the most recent song i added to my megaplaylist is this cool instrumental by bob james Where the Wind Blows Free hold on THIS WAS PUBLISHED ON MY BIRTHDAY TWO YEARS AGO WOAH. actually no spotify says it was from 1977 and no exact date.

If someone asked you what your favourite song you've made was, what would you answer?

it would be me complaining that i couldn't answer with a song that i've started writing but havent finished producing and publishing. but i also think it's hard to set a single favorite one. maybe at the current exact time, my favorite could be "mystery of life" or the song about the meteor, because the former has a really sick groove and feel to it (status=in production), and the latter has overall really good lyrics and melody

wait why is the volar video got 5.5K views, i remember it got ~200 views what is happening

i don't know either but i remember seeing a lot of traffic went from playlist traffic

do you think you are underrated? if you were to ask me yes

i am ok with the number of ratings i am getting

what does it mean to be cool?

pay taxes

Do you think "nut-free salted peanuts" should be a valid and widely-used alternative synonym for "salt"


Are you so dumb you even answer rhetorical questions?

why is elemental 4 down and elemental 7 a keyword page

because 4 5 and 6 werent maintained. the games page entry for elemental 4 will explain this in more detail.

do your remember me (oli)


message2022-04-25 22:25 is there a reason why you're waiting 26 days after finishing the video to release it? why not release it when it's finished?

if i did it any time before, it wouldn't make it true.

What do you think the difference is between a theater and a theatre?

it depends on how brittish you are feeling in the moment.

Why rollercoasters and telephones?

i don't really know what it means, but it just felt right. i knew once i improvised that bit, it was going to be in the final song, though at the time it was it's own song and not connected to mayday. i merged them eventually, realizing it would totally fit the vibe.

If there's a shoe company called "Vans", should there be a van company called "Shoes"?

i would certainly back this company on kickstarter.

favourite brand of mayonnaise?

the brand where they don't actually sell you any of it.


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