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info and privacy policy


  • be reasonable

what i store

i store

  • all the text that is in the box and press send on. obviously
  • email if you put it in
  • which country you're in
  • a random generated name based off your ip address
  • if you are using a vpn or other proxy service

the last three are used for bans and potential rate limits, as i've had some extremely horrible experiences in the past with certain people so this measure is kind of a safety net for myself. it's also fun to see that not every question is coming from the same person, and that i'm not alone on earth.

emails are used to send the notification email, nothing else. they're deleted after the question is answered/denied with the other data.

if you're curious how it works the submit endpoint works like this.

sharing with

i use for vpn detection. for now, no action is taken on just using a vpn/proxy alone, but what they consider "threats" are fully blocked by the question submit endpoint (risk > 72).

tracking example

if you're curious what your random name is you can click this button.

deleting questions

i do not take question delete requests. i still love you though.