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Phoenix, WRITE!

Think you're a fast typer? No time to think!!!

Color Rotate

Color Rotate is a basic platformer with a focus on rotation.

Elemental 4

Successor to Elemental 3, a crowdsourced elemental game.

Elemental Lite

Combine basic elements to create more complex ones.

Scratch Exploration Platformer

A platformer written with real world game dev techniques, in scratch.


Recreation of the popular tile-merging game.

Wizard Tool

Short game-jam where items can be clicked on for magic reactions.

Community Text Adventure

A text adventure game decided by the people.

3D Tic Tac Toe

Another dimension to the classic matching game.

Dave's Tanks

Fast paced local multiplayer tank fighting mayhem.


Unfinished platformer about rolling a cube.

Hatred Island

Living on an island where surviving only leads to trouble.