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what is the meaning of death?i think about this one a lot but it's a really bad thing to think about. the meaning of death is to actually just not think about it. that's how bad it is. i know you will have the wrong answer to this question?this isn't a question what inspires you?the casual bongos On whom lies the burden of proof?you. it's your turn to prove. i'm tired of it. do you listen to sad girl music?yeah when i feel like a sad girl it is pretty effective. Might it be that the man who came by space ship from Twin Earth could say in truth when he got here "it was good to drink, on my way here, not for the first time, the rich red wine which flows in the streams of Mars, but now I feel sad, for I will go there no more, and soon will die, by the shores of a sea not my own, though it be to each sense one just like it"? If I said that such a man said that, though I said too that what I said was not true, but just a tale, would it make sense for what I said he said to make us sad or glad?i would feel pretty bittersweet about it.And would such a tale show that the stuff of his sea might be not of the same kind as the stuff of our seas, though it might be to each sense we have, just like it?that's a good way to describe it. do you believe in "fake it till you make it"?yeah. i am currently doing that right now with 2024's sing + animate game i am playing. the game where i sing and animate something short. i still havent figured out the rules of the game though. is the fate of Kongo Bongo in your hands?i don't think so How am I supposed to stare into people's souls if their body is in the way?x-ray vision how many events can possibly happen in a singular day?at least 8 are you a chatbot?no becuase chatbots are unable to make spelling mistakes. How to join bun as SDE?i don't know. distance is the same everywhere and time goes by at a constant pace, but position and its derivatives vary. does this mean something?no because time moves at a rate proportional to the amount of fun in the room. Scientists recently discovered that water is waterythis is not a question do you ever just dab on em haters?when i am in the mood what national day is today?it depends which nation you are observing from. to me, every day is unique. and therefore, none are. I'm really addicted to vaping and I was wondering how I could become even more addicted because it's funny.with anything if you keep doing something you usually get better at it. It's an artifact of earth-shaking power. Its value is immeasurable, its history is the stuff of legends. It's...handmade paper what if history ended but time never did?i think by definition i wouldn't know what would happen. how did you make that cool wavy background on the menu?it is a webgl shader i wrote by melding together like 4 other webgl shaders i found and then manually tweaking until it felt right.on a related note, i think it loves me...that is probably accurate. If time is calculated by speed, then why can't I time travel to the past by running backwards?unsigned integer with saturating arithmetic if we have paperdave, where is paperdave2?waiting to happen, im sure. Is melting ice cream a form of planned obsolescence?no, it is more like a design limitation what is the answer to the biggest question?it would be known as the biggest answer. where is plastic dave???maybe one day in the future. # **BOOOOOO***hahaha i scared you*great job thoughts on furries?they're ok. rock or roll?you need a balance of both, similar to that of yin and yang what are the pronouns of humanity?all Would you live without a computer?i wish i did, but now that i know what they are it's too late. i wouldn't live without one. IPv4 or IPv6?it would be nice to use both at the same time. thoughts on Blunt from Alien Xenoblaster?i don't know who that is. sorry. Did you know that the T in LGBT stands for TP-Link?there's a chance it also stands for tomato, t-rex, or possibly transgender. There's only one question answered not in green,not truecan you answer this one in purple? no.For Completeness sake, please evaluate from memory: "[] == {}"in what way? you could say [] and {} are not the same. i didn't know wi-fi was a series. apparently wi-fi 7 is coming out this yeari wonder when they'll start using the visible spectrum. Beep Boop I have control of your computer!!!this statement is false Evaluate:1+1=1.1false2*2=22false3-3=?04/4=?11+2-3*4/5=??0.6 What possesses a man?ghosts, and large amounts of money. is this real life?not sure Why is there mishear but no missee, mistouch, mistaste or missmell?i do these all of the time. why we need to livebecause it's fun sometimes. If the solution to a problem is easy to verify, must the problem be easy to solve?not neccecarily. consider prime numbers. p = np or p != np?true or false depending on n what video editor do you useit depends which video i'm making but the newest project is back to just fusion like the good old days. If myspace is gone, who's' space is it?your's what is the plural of octopus?never have considered there were more than one; i always think of it as the octopus. Is a hot dog a taco?sure, why not What is your namedave m caruso what time is it yesterday?2024-05-30 15:58 have you read/watched heartstopperi have notand if so would you like to discuss it with menot neccecarily how long have you been on the internet?read-only since 2012, read-write since 2018 Where does the circle go?around where's the bathroom?down the hall first door on the right what's your opinion on animal well ?it looks like your typical 10/10 rated video game. maybe i'll give it a play someday. explain color without naming one?colors are how i am able to see more than 0 objects at once. Dave, I keep hearing three singing chipmunks and I've came to the conclusion that you might be the owner of these pests. Is this true?wrong number We live in a society. But why? Where did it come from, and why does it persist?the society store. has a lifetime warrenty. In message 2023-07-13 06:01 you claim that a hot dog is not a sandwhich, but clearly states that a hot dog is a sandwich. Do you defy the all-mighty sandwich council?yes, i like to make my own rules here. can you mix red and blue that isn't green?yes how do i get a job where i write code? (i know how to write code)i've talked about this before, but the summary of my advice is "i have no idea, i got lucky, just keep going."have you ever learned about SIMD? where's Waldo?let me look around. what's your favourite character from homestuck? also happy birthdayi havent really read into homestuck much but i think there's one named dave. what do i do if i don't belong anywhere in society?go to the next society, or create a new one. it will be alright i promise. What font is this? It’s great! recursive who's Gerald?it could be you. whylet me figure that one out. Is it just me or has AI gotten worse over the past two years even as the technology has gotten more sophisticated?our expectations grew as we realized the limits of the tech we have. very great demos but not very usable. i have copilot and other code-complete disabled for example. I think gpt-4o will be the same. amazing tech demos, but not really that useful outside of small tasks, and just ripping people apart instead of bringing them together. function of a nucleolusto nucleo What is the small size in woraldsmall size is one variant of shirts. Would you rather fight 1 IMB Z-series mainframe sized ducks or 100 duck sized IMB z-series mainframes?would rather half of both Rust vs Zig, fight!i don't see what is stopping you from using both, for their respective advantages. Windows 10 or 11? (or if you prefer another operating system I would be happy to know)i use mac os 13.6 and enjoy it pretty well i miss the old daysme too Is the floor really lava?no I am currently in highschool and anxious about finding a job once I graduate as CS jobs are not very prevalent here. Do you have any tips about what I could do for a higher chance of finding a CS job?i wish i could give some concrete advice, i basically got lucky on accident. throughout all of my high school career i basically just was fucking around with computers. it negatively affected grades and all that, but i didn't really care because i just loved doing computer bullshit. then i started college, at some random nobody place, as a random nobody person. i just wanted to get through it and get some job. kept doing the same stuff, because school was boring, and ended up hitting a really lucky break after one year.and while i wouldnt say "throw away academics", i have noticed that the things i'm good at are all because i specifically wanted to learn them, and i spent thousands of hours learning them. and with every thousand hours you put into something, the better you get.good luck. can i give you $10m to do a backflip?i would have to figure out how to do a backflip first but sure. if i have a question, can i ask it here? yeah that's how it worksnow that i have your attention you must say if the water or the ice or the steam came firstthey all came into existance at the exact same time. What's the opposite of an atom?an antimatter atom is 4 dollars good for a sticker?it depends on the size of it. how much time did you spend making this website?too much / not enough. i've lost count of which iteration this website is, i've rewritten it many times. how much times do you scratch your belly a day?0.135 i have a growing obbsession with sans undertale. please help. i have him as my pfp, and my wallpaper.have you finished the sans battle in the video game. i haven't Is your paper airplane logo based off of Papermc?no, what's that? are you a paper airplane in real lifelet me order a mirror to find out. What isn't Copper?everything, because everything that isnt copper is chrome. can you move without any force?yes, i typed this answer without any force. As a kid programmer, how can I make money off of my video games I’ve made?go long term. make more games, and teach yourself everything about everything, then you'll either make something worth a lot or be hired out by other interesting opportunities. Why do all the generative AIs use text prompts? Are there any that use image prompts, sound prompts, music prompts…??i remember a demo where someone took a photo and a generative model wrote out text. though i think they had text and the image. it just feels easier to add words to prompt what the model is supposed to do. do you like math?it depends if the math is advanced enough to the point they stop using numbers. if so, nohow about robotics?it is okay. How and why is our universe infinite and finite at the same time?the multiverse is made up of exactly two universes, where one is infinite and the other one is finite. the finite one is called the iverse, with the un-iverse being the unlimited universe (iverse is short for universe). hi dave. i rlly like this concept of q@a. are you okay with me using this on my own website :)sure but q+a websites have been a thing long before i was born, so it is not my idea. what's your favorite key on a keyboardhyper meow?oh of course. what level of education do you need to work at jobs like bun?how to write good code.Does it pay well?enough to survive plus a bit extra. i am very content.As a freshman, i need to look for these things, and find things that i can do to better get me a job when I’m older.make sure to also put some time into relaxing. i spent a very small amount of time of my childhood doing that and i wish i did more and hung out with friends more before the whole "real life" thing sets in. though, spending most of my time learning computer science and web development definetly paid off– i think there's a good middle ground here.I go to the same school you did.okay If you purchase a work of conceptual art, does that technically mean you're buying an idea?it depends on the fine print that nobody reads. i noticed that "winter heartbreak" is missing a full stop.“No way.” I was surprisedand then no full stop; next line.there's also missing/strange punctuation in a few other areas. was this intentional?probably were all typos. i havent re-read any of my fiction in a long while, and i think i rushed this one for a school assignment. i don't remember. Why doesn't Wikipedia think The Henry Stickmin Collection is notable enough for its own article?you should ask this on Wikipedia's question page. Question 53: Why did you decide to work at Bun?it's usually pretty fun, which is better than some jobs where it is only sometimes or never pretty fun. One's got cold blood, and one's got warm. Who's the little egg, and who's the little worm?i'm not sure i understand I don't understandcan i borrow this statement for my the next question's response? i promise i will change it up a little bit so it doesn't look like an obvious copy-paste. what happens to text message adventuredo you mean sports_esports Community Text Adventure ? benefits of having coal for christmas?potential resale value did you ever walk it like you talked itlet me check whats a good, affordable, and beginner friendly video editor?these sorts of questions are not very viable because if something is more "beginner friendly" it's likely to have a lower skill/feature ceiling.i would take the following list, shuffle it, and then run the trial version of each one. try to do as much as you can in a day, and then move to the next one. repeat until you hit all of them. take notes, they are all software i've verified myself at some point to be capable of editing videos together:
  • davinci resolve
  • blackmagic fusion
  • shotcut
  • final cut pro
  • blender
  • kdenlive
  • adobe premiere
  • adobe after effects
some of the above do not cost anything to use, and everything besides fusion has amazing tutorials on how to do everything you can imagine.the rest of this response is related to how i do things specifically because i feel like sharing some new info:most of my "effects" and "fancy visuals" are done on fusion. it is my favorite tool for the task but it has one of the steepest learning curves, as well as it being needlessly compute heavy. my older videos used specifically fusion 9.0.2, which was the last free version of the software, before it was fully integrated into davinci resolve. the integration within resolve is not very stable in my opinion, and breaks down when applying it for large scenes. instead of using resolve, some of my projects used a custom tool called the "sequencer" or the "creative toolkit". both were hacks of scripts to programatically render and arrange lists of fusion compositions. this is how the entirety of mystery of life's video was produced, including the 3d scenes.newer video like the iphone one were made in resolve because i did not have the sequencing scripts in working condition, and i was on Mac OS which i had not ported all that code to fully work on.i'm currently in a giant rabbit hole of computer graphics, so we may truely get a new tool for doing graphics. it will most likely have to be paired with a real video editor, but it would be a way to do intricate text graphics and composition, leaving stitching of these clips to the video editor program. i'll have more info on this throughout the year, especially as the album progresses (still doing only audio and it is taking forever)
do you have separate playlists for different moods or do you just have one big onei don't have any playlists i just use the shuffle all button. is discord even that good?it's a neat word. oh you mean the website, it's pretty solid. is there a "sorry, you've been blocked" screen for when you get blocked on here? if so, what does it look like?there definetly was a blocking system at some point but i forgot if that is still in place. i have not had the need to block people in a while, though some questions are extremely odd or offputting; i just ignore these and do not place any form of a ban on them. people who spam the page also get the same treatment, i've found that since there is no visible feedback from abusing the question box, no one actually does so (it is also very rude regardless) Question 50: How many people are there named "zun"?at least 1 is there any side effects to dying, or is it completely safe with no repercussions...usually death why is the font color green... it should be purple or smth

what is green? i don't remember what you are talking about

what's a frog's favorite drink?you should try going to the frog's question page and ask it there. favorite windows filepath quirk?in command prompt, each drive root has it's own current working directory, meaning if you type D: to switch to the D drive, then cd around that, then type C: to switch back onto the C drive, you will be in the same directory your started at. best website ever? A great man once said, "In a world full of illiterate, blind people, the sword is mightier than the pen." What kind of meat do you like in your tacos?recently: turkeyThe quote is mine by the way. top 10 letters of the alphabet?zqwertyuio did you ever fake it till you made iti am currently in the process of that right now. if you were a type of food which one would you bea non-orange orange. how do i open my acer biostry f8 are you part of the 100 people that will exist on earthi thought there were more than 100. but yes i am a part of the population. i am absolutely fascinated with this website and this page and i was wondering what made you want to make a qna page in the first place, like i feel inspired to make my own, its so funi directly inspired this page off of but there are so many more examples of these, one of them that comes to mind is sean altman's talk page , where the most recent update to it predates my entire life. my friend says crabs are gods, is this true?i would accept that Is medicine technically a form of engineering?sure do you like huge updates, or do you prefer lots of mini-minor ones.usually the updates that contain things i actually want or need. do you drink?sometimes are you happy in life?i'm not sure yet. Are masculinity and femininity even real?sure, if you want them to.If so, who invented them, where do they live, and what is their weakness?it is a construct of your own imagination. you decide how it is.And how do we destroy their inventions and repair the damage they have wrought upon humanity?you don't have to destroy any inventions, but rather change your headspace. and be a bit more wavy with things. is it nromal to give a crab lima beans?it can be if you want What is your question for me?if you had to pick a number from 0 to 1000, one millon times over, would the number you picked the most equal the quanity of numbers you never picked? hi dave i tried to make a cake using your recipe and burnt my apartment down, which happened to be oceana, gothenburg. what do you have to say for yourselfyou followed the instructions incorrectly. How are you?i forgot what year it is. what is big bangnobody knows because when it happened no one was prepared to write down what happened. it just, kind of happened. DID YOU SEE THE GUMMY BEARS????let me check If you were to describe yourself as a unicode character, which one and why?a character? which kind? a grapheme cluster, or a code point, a code unit, a glyph?? all of which i choose ‍. Do colorless green ideas sleep furiously?i think natalie would say yes this is a question to see your character limit... i wonder how high it is because that would be funny if you didn't have doesi hope it is high so that i can be nice and use lots... anyway is dave a good person or is he a robot...humanif he is a robot, does that mean that this q&a is just AI it's handmademaybe that would explain how dave can answer so many with quality answers... wow i can still add things... so why did the bunny cross the road..probably as part of winning the race, it crossed the road so it could see the bun through the windows and get exited that its releasing soon... true. i hadn't considered thatspeaking of which is the dave exited to finally finish that and not have to use windows again... or does he secretly love windows over mac but doesn't want to offend anyone...i can't take an operating system seriously if it is possible to open (and take keyboard focus) an application but it appears under other applications. i develop over SSH on a macbook because it is saner.i think edge is the best browser for linux because it is made by the 3 best techs... microsoft, google, and linus...that is alright. edge isn't bad.i wonder if dave will become fancier and somehow even better than him... will i get an answer to this or will this be looked over... something makes me think dave will be sad when reading this because too much text... what is your favorite memethe chess square tier list , is it the one where something happens...all memes happen. it's a fact of nextjs better than astro or should i use php with bun... should i even use bun instead of node... is bun even going to be profitable or is it going to be sad soon... why is serverless called that even though you need a server... should i send this now or more words... these are all up to youany good movie recommendations... any quality books you have read... should i read books or are they bad for your health... is discord better with mods or is it mean to discord... can i get banned from the internet if i be mean to it... surewhat power does the sea have on everyone... can i wake up in the morning and forget everything that happened the days prior but still remember my first day... did you know that 1+1 actually equals 1+1-0 because maths... do i need to know maths to be good programmer... what age is the best to be... whoever is reading this, what is your name... i wonder if it is an ai as that would be funny... is ai good or should i consult stackoverflow for my help... does the overflow of a stach help me with irl advice with talking to others... should i hide in my bedroom and not communicate irl... should i even communicate to anyone... should i even write and send this... if want, can you role a dice and share its answer... how big can your answer be... does it have a limit or do i only have a limit... do you have ratelimiting or can i just make multiple questions instead of one big one... or could i be fancier and make lots of lots of text... if you are still reading this, here is some fake money... $0... i hope you enjoy it... please do not donate to github the greatest invention to devs... is cloudflare stealing my data as its so free... are you trustworthy... what does it mean to be a good person... how do i learn quality languages to contribute to the big bun himself... how did you even achieve such good job... are you just that great at life... how is your music going... will we see some of that in the bun 1.1 release vid... i hope so as its just so good to listen to... ok i am running out of things to ask and say... can i ask if you have any pets... do you have any virtual things that give you joy... what is the meaning of life... what is life... what is thinking... am i real... are you real... is earth really flat... is the moon cheese... can you summarize all your answers of all questions up until this one in 5 words... no, they are too unique.can you summarize this whole question into one simple question in 50 words... what were we made for... if i want free everything, what are the best online services... what is the best place on earth... why was fish made... which terminal is the best... is go the best programming language to exist because its got quality mascot... what is zigs mascot... does bun have one... should i add typescript to my project or is plain js better... is esm or commonjs the best thing invented to javascript... is js even that good or is it just over hyped... is tailwind any better than inline styles... could you rebuild this site in a day without looking at current source code... when will we be able to just think and a program or website is made to our thinking... hmm i think the limit is 5kit is not but whatever the limit is or how many questions you send, you need to keep it on your concious mind that i am going to read the entire thing. you should feel extremely bad about yourself if you abuse either of these i shall try to reach that... i will tell you a story about a person named lol... he laughed all day and couldn't stop laughing unless he stopped... this made others program a feature to embed into his brain and fix the issues... instead he got ads everywhere... this made him depressed and stopped laughing... i wonder if thats a good outcome... anyway what are your thoughts on that... could it be reality... surelymy last question is what excites you about life and what makes you wake up in the morning ready to do the best things imaginable, is it you like doing it or is there something more deep that gives you that sense of inner piece like being focused on a task...the fact that it's possiblethat was my last question so i hope you have a good day and enjoyyyyyyyy give me a summary of dave cuarso loredid you mean dave caruso? regardless, i still don't remember. thoughts on 🐰 and's alrightare you the bun?bun i have no idea if you remember a question asking about geometry dash and i think portal 2 like years agoyou must be thinking of message 2021-09-28 16:35 which seems to be a response to message 2021-01-25 17:14 which was a response to message 2020-06-14 18:51 . of course i remember you., but i think somewhere i said something about gd 2.2 and your excitement on the update, now that it actually (suprisingly) came out, what are your thoughts about it? have you checked it out?it's exactly what i thought it was going to be: a game engine. it's great.i basically only played with the editor. i did not really look at what anyone else made with it. something about a fire in a hole.i lost interest some time after because i wanted to get back on the album but it's a great game i could spend a few more dozen hours. would you rather; go out with Tom Brady, or have 1 million dollars?i don't know who tom brady is so i'd rather have the dollars as opposed to meeting someone. What is your namelet me check How is work @ oven like?this question is not a valid path on windows because it is missing a drive letter. who even are you?i'm figuring that one out, ask again later. bun told me to come here, so I'm herewelcome. i am very glad you are here. what’s the story with paper?there was this cat, and she named me. how to approach a girl developermake sure to adjust your niceness level to the maximum allowed. Do you remember the answer to this question?no Bast game in the worldwhat about it? Dave Caruso; a music artist, coder, content creator, and fiction writer.that would be me yesDo you have a girlfriend?let me check the simpsons said i shouldn't make assumptions. is that true?it would be paradoxical to assume either answer here. how do you learn zig and any tips or advice you can give me to learn it? : )just count to three: 1 2 3 though it's more about learning the concepts of writing code, because once you learn it learning other languages is easy. i learned zig very well in a few weeks, and i think i learned the majority of rust in two days. How are you doing today?i don't remember 6my favorite character should i clap my hands if i'm happy and i know it or is that not really a good idea actually?i don't think there is any harm in trying. though since it gets tiring, i like to take "clap breaks" every so often, usually while a performance art takes place, then i clap afterwards. this helps reduce fatigue in my hands. Will you be my valentine?i'd prefer to be everyone's valentine, in a fake world where nobody exists. define dancingdoing exactly what feels right, at exactly the right time. Is one as in as one does a person?i would assume one as in the number how's the album? How is it climate nowit's raining who truly taught you music?everyone did. i learned it intuitively by listening to music and then trying to make it myself. it's kind of like ai, but manual. "Hey dave, what's the secret formula for your songs?"too many vocal retakes -P.S. Sheldon Follow up q&a from Lando :pHey Dave! (if i may call you that) last i checked (it has been a while though), dave is my name. let me double check to make sure this is accurateyep. "Dave M Caruso" is the full name i go by, though i think "dave" is good enough for informal, or if you're a close friend to me, there are some other nicknames i enjoy.ty for answering my other questions, I'd like to ask 2 more if that's ok.i wonder1. What editing software do you use to make music?it depends what project you're asking about.2. I recently turned 16, got any advice?have fun with your life before you get to college and you have less time to have fun, and before you get past college where you have even less time.learn things you want to because they're enjoyable, not because you'll get views.i have a ton of other things i could say: suggestions on what exactly to spend your time on, things to avoid, software to use. but i wouldn't feel comfortable saying them to anyone besides 16 year old me. it's up to you to decide what you want to do with your if you want to make art and be an artist, just do it. though i would recommend starting as absolutely small as possible (think to the good old 1 word bill wurtz songs ), and then scaling up from there.:p should i make a fudging videoi think you should make a video without fudge happening. Once upon a time, music never existed. How do you feel about this?unhappy Silly q&a from Lando1. Do you think your album will gain popularity from people whom you may not know?i dont know. it doesn't really matter to me. as long as i make it and i enjoy the result, that would be a success.2. Do you have a guess/estimate about when the album might release?probably immediately after it is fully finished.3. What genre is the album? (If you don't mind answering).dave caruso music. Could you list at least 5 things that you think are otherworldly? You could list more, if you want to. Or fewer.
  • mars
  • other planets, stars, and stuff
  • the fact that music actually exists
  • typography
  • graphics cards
Do you have a grilfriend?if i'm being honest i don't remember how would you feel if i spoiled any media that you didn't want to be spoiled about?it probably depends. you should spoil something for me and then gauge the reaction. what is something you're neutral to?exclaimation points who/what are your literary influences?probably the world wide web die hard 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5?i dont know what this question is asking Smallest thing in the worldatoms is the world worldly?no, but it contains a lot of words, usually within books, and that makes it quite wordy. to which, in my opinion, it is close enough to worldly. do any questions get redirected to auto-response pages?that sounds like a weird thing to do considering the point of this page is to ask me things. it should always direct to me. what is your stance on vocaloid songswhat about them? I am the person that reminded you to update the copyright on the homepage to 2024no you are not. what are your thoughts on steamboat willie now being public domain?average thoughts i know some people have asked this multiple times, but how do you feel about AI music?i don't think it's good enough but in the event this stuff takes over the world i'm just gonna keep doing my own music because the interesting thing about music and art for me is the process that the human took to create the media.i found some ai things interesting because of all the steps the human took to make the ai do the thing correctly, and i think the art there is the process less the result.if it becomes more widespread on platforms like spotify or youtube i'm going to pull my content off of their platform. why did this website shutdown today?i made a configuration mistake then forgot to fix it. sorry for the downtime. Do you find love or does love find you?it finds you and then it eats you I've been thinking about caterpillars and the things they don't know; all they do is eat on leaves and then they gradually grow. When they pop out of their eggs, do they have any clue what their life will have in store for them and what they will do?you should ask a baby caterpillar. one of my friends was a caterpillar but not anymore. maybe they still remember. how many people search up these questions manually in the search bar?there isn't a search bar on this website at the time of writing. are you a gifted musician?i am a musician and someone gifted me chocolate the other day so i think that would fit all the marks there. How do you dissect the atomic mass of a quadrilateral?they taught me this one in school i swear but i dont remember it sorry. daymiem maymdiem's list of questions:1.have you ever been in/found love?yes/no2.have you ever flown/been flown by a bird?no/yes3.have you ever caried a dozen bricks down a brick road and into a brick door inside a big house?no but just one4.are you a lamb or a lamp?no, no5.have you ever been betrayed, abandoned or otherwise made an incoherent fool out of?yes, yes, and yesalso, here's a rock with a plaid shirt!thank you Is "!" the shortest possible story that can be written in the English language?no What’s the least rewound time on Phoenix, write? Is it by you?it's by JokerFactor who got the least possible time, 0.0 ( link to discord message ). i am unaware of anyone else who has done this feat. why are your answers lowercased?i could say the same about your question Can answers end in exclamation marks?not sure, i'll get back to you later. are people in general more conventional nowadays than before? on that note, is questioning the world/authority/our assumptions/etc. not the natural state of humanity but rather something that has to be constantly fought for?its hard for me to know because i don't really remember what things were like before. but i dont think that you have to fight to question the world, you just have to do it. im not aware of much stopping us. out of curiosity, how do you receive the questions on this page?when you press the send button a cat runs up to me and hands me a sealed envolope with the questions and then i answer them. what Font do you Use?i was going to ask where but i realized i use recursive everywhere. If you travel in time to the past, do you create a new world or do you create a paradox?it is a cow the bird is no longer the wordit's now a letterits the internal made of one of the gamemodes in the video game geometry dash Can questions end in exclamation marks!sure. it just means you are very exclamitory about the question. how do you spell the letter "X"?"twitter" Are you the person behind bun?one of I came here from github because was mindlessly reading bunjs issuesyou forgot to ask the question do you like Mr. Robot?i'm trying to remember which one that movie was. but i think so. why do you cut out your sentences?

i dont eve

here kitty, you can has chezburger give you chezburgerwrong number do you want a hug?sure What's your goal in life?to make art i am satisfied with How do you feel about snakes? would you boop?i usually avoid contact with snakes so probably notand do you like their little tongue blepsit is intriguing-mack lmfao My namei think about this one a lot how often and in what contexts does competition occur?every day all of the time why does yours website lag my computer do i nei am sorry. i tried to write the shader on the homepage as optimal as possible but it must not be. if this page is lagging that is because there is simply a lot of content. how do you spel foodverbaitim Am I cool?no As a long-time Windows user, I've actually never used Linux. How is it for you?i use mac nowadays and it's the best desktop os i've used in my life.linux is great if you're a tinkerer, and willing to always tinker on stuff. it reminds me of car people like my dad; if their car had an issue the first thing they'd do is open it up. and then unlike me and others, would probably know what the hell they're doing.and i could do that with linux, but sometimes you just want to make an album and sometimes its worth paying for an unrepairable-and-locked-down-as-fuck MacBook, vs the DIY nature of linux.again not to say linux is bad, i think its more stable and usable than Windows, but that is once you get it setup. linux is harder to setup and maintain almost always, but i imagine if i touched updates less often i would've had less problems anyways. in your opinion, what's the hardest job in the world?retail where has the internet gonenowhere? प्रुथ्वी ओर सुरज की दुरी कितनी हैi don't remember why can't we see air?i dont know what you're talking about are you planning to stream on twitch?sure spell redi don't remember how why do you like ar?it's just magical. if your keyboard was made out of chocolate would you resistchocolate keyboards dont exist because i already ate them. there is nothing to resist. are you a game breaker?more often, i think about if the game can break me. what font do you use?recursive except for stupid and dumb places you cannot change the font on. if you could do it all over again, how would you do it differently?i'd probably go more into the music side of things. learn piano. i would probably do it 15 times all over again that way. but i think its okay how it turned out this time. What is Chad Caruso to you?i don't know. sorry. whats your opinion on the fnaf movie?enjoyable. i wish it was scarier. What is your full opinion on "history of the entire world, i guess"it was like 11pm and i was curious what this "sun is a deadly lazer" snippet i was sent was about and then by 4am i had watched at least 50 of bill's videos. i didn't realize art could be so expressive. What is the distance between Sun and earthit depends on the time of year. when people say it's a "new day", they are referring to this distance measurement, not the contents of the day. Do you experience the Tetris effect a lotyes but for a billion different iterations of two fictional characters interacting. in what genre do you consider your work to be?honestly don't remember the list of genres, sorry. he sees you when you're sleeping.he knows when you're watch