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no seriously, how do you do the noise texture (you know, like bill wurtz in his monday videos)?
  1. they aren't like the bill wurtz monday videos. 2. i thought that was clear enough. guess not? the noise is done by combining two noise layers (the tool is called FastNoise but i have a slightly modified default that is set to be scaled down a bit and with colors black and white), with each one being different colors. idk what blend mode i used on that specific example but you just choose one
and while at it, how DID you make the taco bell logo wavy? please don't answer "with noise" and tell me the technical details (how do you do it with your video editor)i literally applied an effect (custom made) called Wave (technicals on that: built from a generator (CustomTool) based on a sine wave + Displace ), it makes stuff wavy. wave is also one of the tools in my custom collection i still need to rewrite (the cache bug, but theres also an issue using it in proxy/low-quality mode)