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why did you choose to remake something like elemental 3?back in 2018 it wasn't running so i wanted to try to make my own. the result was medium. i'd say the issues around it all came from me telling others that i was making it, and being bugged and rushed that it wasn't done. in 2020, i remade that game, mainly cause filip asked about it and wanted to rerun the old game, which i said "what if we fixed some of the big bugs", which turned to me rewriting this whole thing into the crazy new one it is now.and is there something you would wish you could change about e4, but you just cant figure out how?i never knew how to calculate how to display those element trees, only reason we have them in the game now is because zelo made a almost working one, but it has cases that it breaks. if i was zelo, i wouldn't ever even released that feature to the main game, even if the half working solution is better than having a blank screen. i'm just not able to do that kind of thingthis goes to the new thing that people probably just think i don't know how, singleplayer mode. i have everything in my head and all the edge cases figured out, it's just a lot to add because i'd want it to be is a lot more than what elemental lite ever did (the approach i had on this project was way better than either of elemental 4's approaches). the reason singleplayer doesn't exist now is 1. rushed to get the game out of beta, 2. i myself was getting tired/bored of working on the project for any longer. i'm also realizing a lot of things should be changed in regards to code structure (i mean a full refactor where every bit of code is moved again, plus changing the way servers/mods are internally structured).we have two main lessons with this kind of thing: for the love of god do not ever use the raw dom apis when building something big. elemental 4's ui is built off of this one template file, then querySelector and createElement for the rest. This happened because old e4 and elemental lite started as just the element renderer, and that approach worked fine, until you add a trillion popups, highly dynamic data, and a settings page with 9 tabs (2 were left out of the real game), it is very cancer. my other lesson would be to think more about code structure and if something isn't a working idea, don't stick with it until the end (e4 is a huge mess because theres this folder called shared which does not depend on any node/browser apis, and could theoretically be imported to allow the e4 server to be played on a separate client, but this is a bit too far and not a good abstraction, as this now limits what interaction these apis have with the game itself)i have a new answer actually as of writing, but the above is an interesting rant / discussion on the game so it stays. i'd want to figure out how to fully stop indexedDB corruption but have no idea as to how it occurs. i've given up and put a test if it's corrupted, and to just redownload/reindex the whole thing.