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Why are you running windows 11? I dont think anything substantial (re switching from linux) actually changed between win10 and win11.the real answer is someone told me to play genshin impact. i really wish i could've said there was a bigger "trigger moment" to this.however, after i thought about that, i realized my only issue with windows was speed, and the last time i'd've used it was years back on my older laptop. the thing i use now is an absolute powerhouse of a computer compared to before. and it seems to run windows fine. so powerful pc + 'luck' = i can use i decided to try out windows and microsoft services (a friend i know is always raving about how cool it is). they are very intresting. so now i use onedrive, office, edge, intune, the whole ordeal. it runs wonderfully most of the time.the reason i grabbed windows 11 just happened to line up with the timings. it was gonna come out later in the year so i decided to get it right out of the gate so i didnt have to deal with any more migration pain than i had to. (i was running the early early build of it)Was it just a general frusteration with the way linux worked?linux lets you customize every aspect about it very easily. that is a plus but also a minus, because someone like me is going to want to do absolutely everything possible. instead, i'm focusing that energy of customation to the stuff that will actually matter: the actual video building tools, music production, and making this website.