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message2021-12-27 03:34 But in the new instrumental break, I'm transitioning to a new scene. So I can't think of anything that makes sense with the previous scene. For example, "summary of the day out at sea" is a totally random idea in the videocamvisual cover: money, it just JUMPS to it.

What do I do there then?

its not actually a random idea. it's a connecting point to the next scene that i had with the bridge. and the scene before it ends out on a dock next to water. all you gotta do is ... insert something sensible that connects before and after. take the viewer on a journey, but get them safely home.


Dave, I am working on a new Visual Cover and there is an Instrumental Break that lasts for like 12 seconds or something. What do I do in the empty spaces without lyrics in a visual cover?

fill the space with what makes most sense. i've found that this is actually not the easiest, but it is possible.