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message2022-01-02 20:33 no, i meant for THE LYRICS. what do i do there. i want to avoid underestimating/overestimating you.

with the other things, this just takes time to master. but one important thing is whatever you write has to fit into whatever the music is, or the other way around. i think the easiest way, but only since it's natural, is to write both at the same time. but then once you have a melody, you might want to repeat it with different words; at that point it's a game of what fits. also literary devices that you may have learned in school but now you're the one writing them.


dave, the pressure got to me and now i'm writing a song about you, where do i start?

an idea, sketch it out, put it in a daw, add chords, add drums, add stuff, add voice, add add add... then win. it takes forever