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how's your financial situation, if it's not too personal? how do you plan on being financially stable while still devoting so much time to content, without going into too much detail if u don't want to

its not that obvious but im currently 17, nearing 18, which is extremely nice because i don't have many bills to take care of. my family is quite financially stable, which is why i don't have to spend a large chunk of time working a job to pay stuff, etc. i plan to go to college for something in the computer science field, as it's what i love to do and i'm highly proficient in it, and it just so happens to be that that stuff pays ... a lot. at that point in my life, and also during college (later half of this year), i will definetly have less time to devote to content but i really hope that it will still have SOME amount of time, that way i can get stuff out to the world as i have a lot of ideas in the song writing department. what ive been trying to do for years is automate parts of the workflow so that making things is a quicker ride, but that so far has proven ... less than effective. maybe things will change and i will succeed in my attempts to automate stuff and making videos will be snap snap quick (still many many hours, but less than say 30+ hours per minute of video produced). and of course i accept dontations but you obviously cannot pay bills on $22 a month or something. but im not paying bills with my donations yet; instead that money is going towards a savings account that i cannot really interact with (it's deposit only, unless i get a parent to unlock it for me, which this is only because im a current minor and this restriction clears in a few months). against my will this account was setup, which i think was really smart of my parents, as there is a very healthy amount of "starting adult money" i guess we could call it (will not be sharing actual numbers). i have withdrawn from it only a couple of times, most notably to purchase the current desktop computer i'm using, which felt amazing because it was one of my first real purchases of magnitude, out of "my" own money (slowly collected over years of gifts and some part time work).

it's good enough you probably shouldn't donate to me, as i dont ever plan to rely off that money in any sense.

also i will take this time to say i am thankful to my parents for being nice people and practically giving me the means of being able to produce davecode. not everyone gets that chance and i feel bad for them. and since not everyone gets the shot i have been given, i might as well go as far as i can (what the idea of davecode is).