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meeeoooowww (message2022-04-18 07:32 dang it yer "paper"plane, ya loki'd meh! yeah, i'm aware it's not a question tho)

me-eow (what would ya buy at the corner store in bill's universe)

a corner

meow mew (do you wish you were something else instead of a bein' a programmer)

i wish i never got into it; too much time wasted making things way more complex than needed. music and videos wouldve been fun. but hey i get to do it this way, which makes me a little unique.


miaow, meow (this asker below me doesn't know any gud questions to ask,

i thought the computer spec question was good.

, anyway, what do ya think inside of fragile box in unboxing video could be?)

another box that is even more fragile

meow (how would ya wanted your community to be?)


meow (how would ya feel bout' da word "meep"?)

depends how high the meep is, it might fall out of my hearing range!