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message2022-05-13 10:27 Why did you respond in all caps? Also I should have told you that if you suspect you’re tone deaf there’s YouTube videos you can watch. Look up a tone deafness test.

i've since went to them and the results off the top of my head were "not tone deaf" but "not even relative pitch," but there was something more interesting i learned on a tiktok video on accident: not being able to hear yourself, or worse, hearing yourself at a slight delay or pitch shift completely messes up your ability to sing. this is significant because my setup doesn't give any feedback into my ears (i wear headphones) so i'm just singing blindly. so i'm gonna look into all this when i get back to doing music production (currently on a wild code spree)


Your response to the good at singing and bad at singing questions demonstrate a high level of maturity and non-stupidity that I honestly believe is not present in 95 percent of internet users. Never forget that an empty compliment is 1000x worse than a wholehearted insult.

of course

On the topic of improving, have you found out if you’re tone deaf or not?