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music_noteg is missing What happened to the sound of your recent upload

apparently the Youtube preset in DaVinci Resolve does not include audio? i don't know. the DNxHR version i exported to for the automatic-upload-to-website-script did incldue audio. same timeline, same export time. so what i uploaded to youtube after was the webm that the upload script made and not the "youtube" export preset. it doesn't help that i didn't preview it locally but only the other files, and you cant preview a video before it premieres.

also keep in mind i did all this exporting at literal 3am so i mightve hit a wrong key during this.

also i am starting to use davinci resolve again but for this video it was just for turning the png sequence into a video because i didn't want to bother fucking up my ffmpeg options (at 3am). i was also messing with effects and i think i figured out why projects like music_notei'm 18 now were so broken in that app and how to get around those issues.