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What software do you use for making music videos and other art?i said i knew what i was doing but im still really confused on what the best sofware is.if youre looking to get into stuff, you gotta checkout blender. if you want to know what i am using just to know, for the past few videos ive used a mix of blackmagic fusion, davinci resolve, blender, and custom software to automate pieces of it. i didn't use davinci resolve on music_note mystery of life , and only used it for converting a png sequence on music_note g is missing , but i think i'm going to start using it more in future videos. i used to be not so comfortable recommending my software but i know these two programs are really big and the free version of resolve is free, which has a (albeit lame) version of fusion built in. so you can try it and see if you love it. if you are a really big user of it, consider the one time $300 upgrade; i can say its worth it.also in some future projects i want to use stable diffusion and some really weird image / video tricks that i haven't actually made yet. please ask this question again after my next few videos go out.for music i use bitwig studio but you gotta remember that what daw you use really doesnt matter. however, bitwig has some fun built in presets, where if you pick up something like reaper you got to find samples and plugins elsewhere to do anything. i might switch to reaper in the future because its more scriptable than bitwig (not more but IS while the other one IS NOT).overall, do know that there's more than one way to make art. that's what makes art art. don't copy what i have, or worse, BLINDLY BUY STUFF.