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music_notei'm 18 now

Question 1: When you say you had that tune stuck in your head since age 14, are you referring to the first part of the song, or the "I'm 18 now and I'm" part of the song

it was the chorus tune except it was "i'm 15 now" except it was the second chorus only. i then wrote the first two verses later on and then renaming it to 18 after i realized that fit the melody as well, and had a new, much more realistic deadline. i think most of my way though music_notemayday i realized i could totally pull it off instead of it being a song that went to waste. so then the bridge mentioning 14 was then written then as a sort of callback. i think there was another one in the song referencing age 9 as sort of the start of everything but i didnt keep that in and i dont remember what it even was about. most of this song was theorized as a showerthought, kinda evolving over the years.