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what is the meaning of life?

to enjoy it

what is the meaning of death?

something about uninfinity

what is The Meaning of Liff (1983)?

haven't seen this one

what is the meaning of The Meaning of Life (2005)?

haven't seen this one

what is the meaning of meaning?

to describe

what is the meaning of this chair? gestures at chair

to be overpriced and undercomfortable

is there a meaning of life?

yes. many meanings.

I hope it isn't an egregious violation of the manners of polite society that I inquire as to the possible ethical ramifications should the metaphysics and imperatives of animate objects be definitively formulated?

you're within your right to question everything. i do that sometimes. often times no one chooses to listen, and those people are well within their right for that. i wont promise you deep answers on anything unless you're the song i'm writing or one of my closest friends.

y lief iz so confuzzin and DO NT KNO evrythin/

gestures at the future it's going to be okay.