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do you ever wonder what life will be like for the last human far in the distant future?sometimeshow they'll go crazy due to lack of social contact? how long their food and water will last? where they'll live? what they might (not) know about our species's history and origins? how unfathomably lonely they must feel?that must be incredibly lonely. i sometimes feel lonely by not being near people, but i know that it's possible to see them. this person wouldn't even have the possibility.will they even know if they're the last one left, especially if we're all living in different parts of the universe?they couldn't easily prove many people. thousands. trillions. will all feel the same way.will they try in vain to create new life to survive them? what will their life and the way they live it say about humanity as our species's story concludes? what will really be the story from the first human in the distant past to the last one?idk. i'm not the one writing the story. i think.