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how to get better at roleplaying? (as in, writing characters, writing appropriate dialogue and good stories)

you gotta get into their shoes. you gotta think like them. everything someone does has a reason; and if you think that reason is "no reason" then theres a reason the character would say there is no reason.

i got on a giant tangent that i want to continue that is essentially plotting out every single thing possible about two of my characters (which i havent really made public, i want to 3d model them and animate and storytell with them in videos, which is why im doing this extensive writing process). and what i've found is i can explain every single behavior and thing about the character since i've established a rough history of the entire character's life. their viewpoints, people they knew in the past, how those people influenced them, their fears and the things they love.

to start getting the hang of it though you probably can just start. just play conversations in your head. people say to be yourself alot, but try not being yourself in these and see if that gets you anywhere. but maybe DO try being yourself; try being variations of yourself.

this is all speculation please email me if any of this works.