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you are extremely talented!this is true but i see more room for growthWhat inspired you to start coding?part of it is the fact you can do anything and in a sense that is also a curse. sometimes i feel like i wish i never learned any of this and instead just focused on music/videos instead of dumping literally dozens on months failing to automate certain tasksHow was your journey?i dont remember. i was very young. i know my dad was into computers and he helped me put together this really cool little mini pc and i then just kept going crazy with it. minecraft was somewhere along the journey. so was hacking my wii. windows batch files too, though now i use a blend between linux and macos.i kind of just kept picking up different things but doing nothing huge with the skills because i didnt have the skills to make anything huge. or the ideas. and when youre a kid in middle/high school just googling how to use react and webpack in 2016-17 it's just confusing and i didnt really understand and either it's gotten easier or i grew but i started really understanding how the web stuff worked. but i also had very random skills in other places like java and c and so on. i also learned php more in depth than i should have but havent touched that in ???. so on and so forthidk where im going because im pretending to know exactly what happened in my life. also music and videos happened. also elemental. also that thing with ludwig. also bun.just kinda, do what you want to do. make sure to survive too. if you're lucky, you'll win the game.I love your personal site, this q+a idea is awesome!actually you are awesome