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how do you host your website?so i want to rebuild the entire thing AGAINright now it is a sveltekit app run on a digital ocean vps (i had issues with cloudflare workers caching and hanging)every single thing is dynamically linked to a postgresql database. its a mess and i think this is a mistake since so much content is rarely updated and i think the real solution to scheduling content is not a database but justsleep <seconds till release>; git pushim thinking of using astro in the future but the fact theres no client side routing is really not doing it for me. i started making my own set of tools for it that solves all those problems but its nowhere near usable.the site is something i want to work on but ive had little time and motivation as my current life time is spent doing these things
  • writing code for bun
  • working on the album
  • being alive life stuff.
working on the site or framework is like, too much code for my life workflow right now. perhaps. maybe a spark of motivation will the future it will most definetly be running on bun/oven's hosting service but that doesnt exist yet.also i want to take a note to describe how dynamic the question answer page really is. its the coolest part of the site and the only thing that really needs to be dynamic. each question is markdown code using a forked version of a markdown parser that lets me throw in message 2023-08-05 21:07 which is just the text #230805210708 but it seems that code is now magically broken. wtf. why cant it just work.this stuff breaking is the type of shit that makes me want to write it all over myself with just my code. but thats like weeks of work, especially if i want to keep the site as big as it is. there is a case to just make it a singlealsothe cdn